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Science Newspaper Article ~Climate~         Climate Is The Weather And Environment

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Science Newspaper Article ~Climate~ Climate is the weather and environment around us. Climate effects us in a big way. Often by changing the temperature, humidity, precipitation, and much more around us. The climate also changes all through out the year due to seasonal changes due to the angle at which the sun hits the Earth.~ Community Climate~ Throughout the year our community climate changes with the seasons. Each seasons has it?s own way.During the springtime a lot of growth happens. Flowers bud up, grass gets greener, and the leaves grow back onto the trees. This is all due to the medium ...view middle of the document...

During the fall time most all the leaves, and flowers fall to the ground in a result of cool temperature change. Temperatures drop to 65*-65*f. Limited rainfall is also a factor.Finally, the winter. Winter is the coldest of the four seasons. So cold that more than half the time, instead of rain, we get snow. Snow is what happens to rain once it reaches down past freezing point (30*f). Temperatures range from ?10*-45*f.~ Community and State Physical Factors~ Around our community, our physical features are pretty basic. A lot of plains, some hills, couple lakes, and a few rivers.As for our state, Michigan has quite a few mountains up north and in the Upper Peninsula. Michigan is extremely know for our 5 great lakes; Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. We also have lots of plains, rivers, hills, sand dunes, and much more.~Regional and Global Climate~ The only difference between regional climate and global climate is simple. One deals with the climate of our region and the other deals with the climate of the whole entire earth.~ Earth?s Global Climate~ The Earth has a very big and diverse climate. We?ll start at the equator. Around the center of the Earth is an invisible line called the equator. At the equator is the hottest place on the planet Earth. Therefore as you move farther and farther away from the equator it gets colder and colder. Making the North Pole, and South Pole the coldest places on Earth.

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