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Science Fair Home Ideas, Tips & Projects To Avoid Steps Of Scientific Method My Idea Problem & Hypothesis Problem Statement And Hypothesis 03/25/201245 Comments Picture Now That You Know Your Independent And Dependent

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Science Fair
Ideas, Tips & Projects to Avoid
Steps of Scientific Method
My Idea
Problem & Hypothesis
Problem Statement and Hypothesis
03/25/201245 Comments

Now that you know your independent and dependent variable, the rest of the science fair project is a piece of cake. Your problem statement and hypothesis are extremely easy to write if you have determined your independent and dependent variables.
Lets begin with the problem statement. This statement is ALWAYS written as a question. The question should always start with either which or how. The one you choose will depend on your independent and dependent variable. The form should be Which or How will the ...view middle of the document...

How will the number of worms effect the growth of 3 plants in one week with the same amount of sunlight and water.
2. I believe that the cup with the least amount of worms will grow the tallest in a week's time.
macib03/28/2012 10:36am
1) How salty does water have to be for an egg to float on it?
2) I think that water ahs to have 3tsp of salt for an egg to float on it.
lane b03/28/2012 12:25pm
1. whate is the best things in skaeting and whate is it made of.
2. all of the stuff in the bord is made up of meatle, wood, and rubber. the best is alien workshop.
braittone03/29/2012 5:26am
1. Which type of wood burns the fastest.
2. I believe that the oak will burn the fastest.
zackr03/29/2012 5:35am
1. what type of paper works better as a parachute
2. my hypothesis is notebook paper will hit the ground last.
colleenr 03/29/2012 5:41am
1. how will the weight of the egg effect the way its droping.
how can i make the egg drop.
2.I think the vinegar will help the egg bounce because the egg will soak up the vinegar so when it drops it may bounce.
braittone03/29/2012 5:43am
1. Which type of wood burns the fastest.
2. I believe that the pine will burn the fastest.

BooneM03/29/2012 5:56am
1. Which plant will grow the tallest in a one week period with the same amount of light and greywater?
2. I think out of the three plants (Bean, Tomato, and Onion) The bean will grow the farthest.
AustinD03/29/2012 6:05am
1. what percentage will be the highest from wherew you shoot?
2. I think that shooting at your chin will be the highest.
JoshT03/29/2012 6:51am
1. How will the number of rubber bands on the catapult effect the distance of the ping pong balls when shot.
2. 2. I think the number of rubber bands will effect the distance of the shot ping pong balls.
AshtonV03/29/2012 6:57am
1.) Which basketball will bounce the highest with varying PSI levels?
2.) I think the basketball with the highest PSI level will bounce the highest
cheyenneb03/29/2012 7:00am
Which type of soda (Coca Cola or Diet Coca Cola) will make the egg (Best Choice) float?
I think the diet coca cola will make the egg float.
JamesC03/29/2012 7:03am
1.)My problem statement is witch metal will destroy the environment the fastest.
2.)I think that the mercury will destroy it the fastest.
BraxtonE03/29/2012 8:21am
1. My problem statement is which shooting position is most accurate?
2. I think the face shot will be the most accurate.
HenryC03/29/2012 8:22am
1. How high of a starting point does a marble have to have to do a loop- da- loop the fastest?
2. I think the marble will do the loop-da-loop the fastest at a starting point of 1ft.

Kavan.C03/29/2012 8:35am
1.Problem Statement- How will the amount of water effect how far the light is shown in feet.
2.I think the 6 cups of water in the container with the highlitghter will be shown at a further distance.
KALEE POOLE 603/29/2012 11:57am

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