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Science And Religion Essay

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Science and Religion
-Allan Raj

We are living in the age of science. Science has provided new ideas about the world nature and man. Before the advent of science religion played a dominant role in moulding man’s mind. The process of agriculture, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and our social relations were all at one time under the domain of religion. Gradually, they have passed out of its control and become subjects for scientific study.

In early civilizations societies were controlled by religious heads. Their authority was supreme. As science advanced and civilizations progressed, religion started loosing its control on the society. Different power centers started ...view middle of the document...

With this a long conflict between science and religion started, which has not been resolved even today. Later Darwin’s theory of evolution clearly questioned the idea that god is the creator of man and the universe. All these conflicting views gave rise to doubt and pessimism, and the people started regarding science as the enemy of religion.

Religion has greatly helped in the development of humanity. It has laid down values and standards and has pointed out principles for the guidance of humanity. But with all the good it has done, it has encouraged ceremonies and practices which soon loose their original meaning and become mere routine rituals. Science, on the other hand has made the world jump forward with a leap to build up a glittering civilization. It has opened up innumerable avenues for the growth of knowledge.

The method of science is entirely different from that of religion. The scientific method is that of objective enquiry, search for truth and knowledge, the refusal to accept anything without testing and trial and the capacity to change previous conclusions in the face of new evidence. It encourages rationalism and develops a broader outlook. Religion, on the contrary, relies on emotion and intuition and in mainly concerned with regions beyond the reach of objective enquiry. It naturally produces narrowness, intolerance and superstition. Science which has discovered the real nature of the forces of nature has banished all the old superstition, the idea of demons, ghosts and witches and all the other creations of fear and ignorance.

Science does not encourage beliefs in supernatural forces. This makes us doubtful of the existence of god. Now we are able to question the existence of heaven or hell. Now the scientists have also proved that they can create new life in the laboratory by cloning. But in spite of this we have not been able to shed our fear of supernatural forces. Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution which was against the Bible, turned out to be very religious towards the end of his life. The great scientist Sir Isaac Newton strongly believed in the existence of god. The great thinker Mr. C Rajagopalachari has said that, “God is behind all sciences.” In spite of the progress in science, some faith seems...

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