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Science Essay

972 words - 4 pages

Arthur Severo Castro
Professor Laura Ahmed
English 51
15 May 2012
Final Essay
Alcoholic Beverages and Its Troubles
In the novel, Queen of Dreams, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the theme of alcoholism plays an important role. Alcoholic beverages are one of the most dangerous things in our world, if not properly drunk. It can bring up a lot of consequences like diseases, family problems and even the death. The parents and adults have a huge importance in this theme, especially when being about alcoholic drinks and children.
Alcoholic beverage is any beverage that contains ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol. And the alcohol can be regarded as the best selling drug on our planet. The ...view middle of the document...

Other issue that is addressed in the book is the situation in the families, for example Rakhi never cared about her father drinks, until her mother died. This cause brought very hard consequences, like the relationship between them was never the same. “I never hated him for drinking. Not until my mother died. My mother tried to stop him every way she knew. She did beg him to go see someone – a doctor, the priest at the Shiva Vishnu temple, an AA counselor. But he never listened.” (Divakaruni 36).
“Alcoholic Beverages is the drug that has more deaths in the world” (Moralez). The effects of alcoholic drinks in the human being are well known and include: slurred speech, incoordination, increased self-confidence and euphoria. The effect on mood varies from person to person, and most of them becomes louder and clear. Some, however, are time consuming and more contained. As we could realize in the book Queen of Dreams, when Rakhi’s father was drinking he used to change his behavior, he used to become annoying and sarcastic. “At high levels of intoxication, the humor tends to be unstable, with euphoria and melancholy, aggression and submission” (Meirelles). The intellectual performance and motor and sensory discrimination are also affected. Alcohol creates a sensation of heat, increases saliva and gastric juice and the frequent use may cause injury to the stomach and chronic gastritis.
The problem is that a lot of people are dying because of that and the number is only increasing instead to decrease. People are not having conscience about that and they are drinking without responsibilities, and it is bringing a lot of bad consequences. The question that stands out is death in the traffic. Drinking alcoholic beverages during driving the car is not a smart decision, because alcohol adversely affects driving-related skills such as vision, reaction time,...

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