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Science 115 Essay

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With the production of genetically modified foods (GMFs) becoming more prevalent today, debates about whether it is right to use technology to create new forms of plant and animal life are on the rise. Proponents of GMFs believe these crops will reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals, and are just as safe as traditional crops. Opponents, on the other hand, feel the use of chemicals is scarcely reduced in GMFs and fear contamination of traditional farm crops... It is possible that GMFs are not bad for us at all and might be rather beneficial to building a sustainable future for all forms of life (Castle, S., Modified Corn, 2014 February 11th)
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Another benefit of the GM crops is the pesticides being damaging to the environment. Plant species can be altered to be more resistant to pesticides and herbicide. Research shows from 1996 to 2000, GM crops reduced the use of pesticides by 224,000 tons from 1996 to 2006, lowering the ecological impact of such pesticides significantly (Genetically Modified Food, 2011).

During the experimentation, thousands of acres were used. In 2008 the farmers in 25 countries could cultivate 125 million hectares of genetically modified crops which it was very big increase in a short amount of time. They also could increase the amount of the hectares of very important crops such as, soybeans, corn, cotton, and canola (GROSSMAN 258). “The United States planted half (62.5 million) of the world's total hectares of GM crops. Other countries that grew more than one million hectares in 2008 were Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, Paraguay, and South Africa” (GROSSMAN 258).

Most GM crops have been modified to be pest resistant, disease resistant or herbicide resistant. The crops included in this are soya, wheat, oilseed rape (canola), cotton, walnuts, potatoes, squashes, tomatoes, tobacco, sweet peppers, lettuce and onions and maize and many other essential crops. The bacterial gene is most commonly injected and produces a toxin that is harmless to people therefore meaning it is safe for people to consume these foods. As the population increases over the world, GM crops produce a higher yield in and out of season. Weather is not a factor when it comes to crops. My state provides more than half the US with fruits and vegetables. The drought is affecting the crops for this year and the prices are going to increase. GM crops would not be affected and the crops produced can keep the prices down. Monsanto, the world’s leading company in genetically modified food TNC, has said to be able to double yields of maize, soya beans and cotton by 2030. This would be possible and would also need 30% less water, land and energy to grow them. This means that less of our resources will be used, and helps conserve them ( Most GM crops have been modified to be pest resistant, disease resistant or herbicide resistant. The crops included in this are soya, wheat, oilseed rape (canola), cotton, walnuts, potatoes, squashes, tomatoes, tobacco, sweet peppers, lettuce and onions and maize and many other essential crops. The bacterial gene is most commonly injected and produces a toxin that is harmless to people therefore meaning it is safe for people to consume these foods.

Some of the disadvantages is labeling and cost efficiency. In Europe, society do not believe this food is natural. Europeans are rejecting because they believe the labeling can’t be understood by the consumer. Developing GM crops is a long process and there are high costs involved. Consequently seed manufactures, wanting to insure profitable returns, patent their GM plants. This...

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