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Food Intake – 3 Days
May 21, 2014

Food Intake – 3 Days
SCI/ 220 Week 2 assignment was to document the foods and beverages consumed over the course of three (3) days. I assumed this would be challenging because these past few weeks have been more hectic than usual due to work, and I would be traveling one of the 3 days because I was visiting my daughter in New Jersey. The period I chose was from Sunday May 18th thru Tuesday May 20th. On Sunday, we were actually running around quite a bit because that’s the day I had to drop my daughter off at her mother’s house and trek back to Maryland. Normally, days like this are just filled with unhealthy decisions.
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For lunch, I had 4 roasted chicken wings, and about 2 scoops of broccoli. Lunch seems to be the only time I force myself to eat healthy. I seriously try to eat as healthy as I can but it is a constant challenge.
For dinner I was still working and the office ordered food from Baja Fresh ©. I ate a steak quesadilla and about 3 sodas, I was trying to keep myself awake. For snacks I have a few bags of fruit snacks and a back of cheese Doritos. I ended up working 16 hours this day so I’m pretty certain I didn’t eat the right foods, nor the right amount of foods. This has always been my issue and I’m sure doesn’t help my metabolism very much.
Food Intake Day 3
Tuesday May 20th, Day 3 and the final day of the food intake reporting. Again, I start off for breakfast with a single cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, with cream and sugar. For Lunch I ate about 2 servings of chicken salad on 2 slices of wheat bread with a large bottle of water. I got out of work early on this day (only a 13 hour day) so I stopped at a chicken place on the way home and ordered their Chicken, steak and shrimp meal, with rice and french fries. When I got home, I found out that I was shorted my chicken, a total bummer but it turns out I didn’t really need it anyway.
Food Intake Numbers
I recorded all the food I had eaten into the iProfile student resource and it allowed me to view my intake of protein, carbohydrates, and lipids. Through the three days, I had a total protein intake of 500 Grams, total carbohydrate intake of 640 Grams, and a lipids intake of 174 Milligrams.

Most of my protein intake recorded came from my ingestion of meats like beef, ham, chicken, and surprisingly the most came from Shrimp, 138.2 Grams. Carbohydrates came from each meal that contained bread like my cheesesteak and the hoagie I ate, as well as the starches like chips and rice. As for lipids, I calculated the vitamins A, D, E received from food.
The DRI, or Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs), is the set of reference values for the intake of energy, nutrients, and food components that can be used for planning and assessing the diets of healthy people in the United States ("Dietary Reference Intakes", 2014). Comparing my intake numbers to the DRI suggested values, iProfile suggested that my carbohydrates we below the recommended range but no numbers were given. My proteins were within recommended range, and my lipid intake seemed to be on the lower side, I’m sure due to my lackluster food decisions.
When analyzing how much of my daily-recommended protein, carbohydrate, and lipid intake was achieved I was not surprised in the number. I say this because foods these days are go genetically modified that processed foods are jam packed with extra “nutrients” to help them grow faster or...

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