School Violence Essay

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Finding a Solution to School Violence
Anita Lopez
Kaplan University

School is a place where children should go to learn, educate themselves, make lifelong friends and most importantly they should feel safe. The violence in schools has increased over the years and many schools aren’t sure how to handle this growing problem in an appropriate manner. School violence may come in various forms and some of the most common forms of school violence include physical abuses, bullying, brawl and verbal abuses but the most common forms are physical abuses and bullying. Schools administrators and teachers should deal with each situation individually, they should give a good amount of time ...view middle of the document...

It also can lead to children having a fear of going to school. Unsolved problems among students can also cause kids to not have trust or confidence with their parents, teachers and school administrators. One proposed solution to this growing problem is coming up with school policies that directly target silencing. Suspension and expulsion are some of the proposed punishments for those found violating any of the rules and regulations that relate to student conduct (May, 2014).
Mediating in specific conflict related incidences and providing guidance and counselling to students with disciplinary problems is another proposed solution for dealing with the growing problem of school violence (May, 2014). Special attention and services are important for students that always find themselves in cases related to school violence. It is always a good idea to resolve conflicts as soon as they happen and mediation helps a great deal in solving such problems in a constructive manner. Almost half of public middle and high schools in the US have reported at least one case of school violence and this shows that there is a need to introduce other intervention programs apart from the available rules and regulations (May, 2014).
Engaging students in more school based activities such as after-school programs, sports, learning enrichment classes is also another proposed solution to helping with school violence. Helping kids occupy their time wisely, so that they aren’t out engaging themselves in inappropriate behavior. Programs can be a variety of things such as, drama classes, art classes, social clubs, homework help, etc. Giving kids more options on things to do that they will enjoy can result in positive outcomes. Offering more programs will also eliminate kids from hanging out outside after school hours. It will give parents who work late hours a sense of piece knowing their kids are at school, safe and doing something productive with their free time.
Although tough school policies are aimed at reducing school violence and also send a message to students who are likely to be violent, it is important to point out the zero-tolerance policies may also escalate the problem. Suspensions can lead to delinquency because some of the students may end up dropping out of school. The risk of subsequent violence increases when violent students are transferred repeatedly from one school to...

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