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School Uniforms Essay

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Angel Macias
Professor Benham
School Uniforms
Did you ever notice how the students in the school dress a little to revealing? Well school uniforms would help get rid of that problem so the students could concentrate more on school work. Wearing schools uniforms would help make students’ lives simpler. The students would no longer have to worry about what to wear every morning. School should be based on how the students learn, not how they look. They should enforce the school uniform policy so that no one has to worry what everyone else is wearing and concentrate on schoolwork.
According to Gary, “School uniforms are a great way to maintain a level of social ...view middle of the document...

Students sometimes forget that school is a place to learn, to get education, not to promote the new fashion. Mandatory school uniforms would make the students look the same regardless of their financial status. According to Wilde, “School uniforms would diminish economic and social barriers between students.” School Uniforms would help the student feel confident, and not feel intimidated by what they wear. School uniforms would help students who can not afford expensive latest fashion cloth. School uniforms will make students feel comfortable with themselves, and to not feel bad for not having the money to buy what is fashionable.
According to Clark, “Having a uniform helps to reduce bullying in school, makes children better behaved.” Studies have demonstrated that wearing schools uniforms decrease bullying. Wearing school uniforms bullying decrease because there will be no difference between the students. With the school uniform there will be equality on every student. Every student would wear the same clothes and there will no be a debate between who is wearing the latest and the expensive clothes. When all students are required to dress with the school uniforms, bullies are less likely to point out a difference in style or brand. In this way, a uniform policy is intended to give students a sense of belonging. A school uniform policy can help reduce the rate of bullying by allowing students to worry less about their clothing and more about academic success.
School uniforms make students perform better. According to the Action News, “A study of six big-city Ohio public schools showed students who were required to wear uniforms had improved graduation, behavior and attendance rates.” Students perform better with school uniforms because there is no competition of who is wearing the latest fashion. They perform better in school because there is equality. The first reason why schools that have a school uniform policy perform better is because there will be less worry about what to wear and more worry about the schoolwork. The students will be more responsible and successful. In my opinion school uniforms are great because the students would fell better with their clothes and on that way they will do their best to improve themselves.
Many people might say that school uniforms take away their personal freedom. “In response to the argument, the opponents of mandatory school uniforms say that students who wear uniforms cannot express their individuality.” However, school uniforms make students feel comfortable, and perform better. Make the students feel equal. The opponents say that “A uniform divides two institutions which is enough to develop fights between the two school groups, which consequently results into a serious rivalry.” According to Marian, “School uniforms will make the students be responsible, and friendly.” So if uniforms make the students be friendly and be respectful...

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