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School Uniform Debate Essay

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School Uniform
For a long time, schools, teachers, parents and students have disputed over the issue of regulating student cloths sp. The school uniform debate is a polarizing matter, usually with the school educators and officials on one end ww and the students on the other. Parents on the other hand are usually stuck in the middle of the crossfire, most pushing for their children to be allowed to express themselves and a minority group on the school’s end. At the end of the day (nice expression, but probably too informal for this kind of essay), there should not be any debate in the first place; it is evident that the benefits of school uniform far outweigh the benefits of not having ...view middle of the document...

School is the place where students train the next actors, writers, musicians, politicians, people who needs the creativity and the freedom of expression to flourish. I'm not sure why you included this - your point seems to be school is about instilling a sense of discipline By compelling students to wear school uniform, it sends a subjective concise early-life message to students that conformity to rules is important and that creativity and freedom of expression are not and that at the end of the day, authority is allowed to run riot and abuse its power, constraining our right and freedom to express ourselves. (I'm confused by this paragraph - this seems to be an argument against school uniform, and yet your essay is supposed to be supporting the idea of uniform, isn't it?)
One ww can also argue that the end result of school uniforms would make people as robots. People, who are incapable of expressing themselves, people who lack creativity. Best to put your (opposing argument) here as a topic a sentence - otherwise it appears this paragraph is against school uniform (from the first two sentences) It is known facts that fashion is important in creating one’s own identity, and that the industry has created a need in obtaining the latest article of clothing or accessory so that people will be appear more atractive. Advertising contributed vt to this phenomenon by attaching certain specific characteristic to clothing lines and accessories, and those students who want to...

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