School Responsibilities Essay

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Science is one of the tool subjects which were given emphasis on the present Elementary curriculum. According to BEC 2002, Science is the learning area in the elementary grade that aims to help the Filipino learners to gain a functional understanding of scientific concepts and principles linked with real life situations and to acquire scientific skills attitudes and values necessary to analyze and solve day to day problems.
Every year the Department of Education through different science associations issued a DepEd. Order or memo regarding a Science Fair in Elementary and Secondary schools which include Science quiz bee, poster making contest, Sci-dama, Science ...view middle of the document...

Of course my initial reaction was overwhelming. I said yes we will compete for the region and then just time that I realized how about the first place? Isn’t it that they have the right to compete because they are the one who won? So I told this to our district science key administrator but she cannot do anything about this since the order is from our division supervisor and she said that our supervisor knows what is best since she is in the position and we have to follow. Even though that I realized that this will create a conflict I just decided to follow because this is a case wherein I am in a situation where I have to do what is needed. Fortunately, during the regional competition we won first place and we proved to the other school heads that we are worthy of that chance.
After winning in the regional competition, we have to prepare for the National competition which is the National Children’s Congress which will be held in Puerto Princesa City, in Palawan. We really wanted to join since this is a rare opportunity because it is a long time that Silang District I won in the regional competition and can join National competition. But the problem is before we can join in the national competition of course we need to travel to Palawan by plane and we need to have the budget for that. Where can we get that amount? We cannot ask the parents of the pupil-contestants to pay for their fare because we know they cannot afford to. So again I thought that maybe we should not join the contest since we cannot have financial assistance from the Division office. Although, I also thought that it is the honor of the region that is at stake for now we carry the name of Region IV-A not only the district or the division.
After sometime of thinking, I decided to make a way to join for some reasons. I thought of my pupils. Should I deprive them of their right to show their knowledge to defend our project? Should I neglect this rare opportunity to compete in a national competition wherein the best of the best among regions are there? Should I ignore this chance that will help me to grow personally and professionally?
So as I read the memorandum from the Department of Education and it stated there that “Registration of participants, which accounts for board and lodging, is free. Participants however, shall charge their respective transportation and miscellaneous expenses against local fund, local school board funds and other resources subject to accounting and auditing rules and regulations”. (DepED MEMORANDUM NO. 55, s. 2008)
I made a request letter for the Local School Board in the municipality of Silang specifically to our mayor, requesting for financial assistance to be able for us to compete for the national competition. I personally brought this letter to our mayor and fortunately we are granted an amount of 70,000 pesos. The said amount was given to me by the municipal treasurer and later I gave it to our principal. My principal said that she will...

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