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School Lunches Essay

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I am comparing two images of perfume advertisements designed to attract my attention in purchasing one. The first image is pop singer Rihanna with her brand of perfume called RiRi and the second image was of an unidentified model with the perfume name Chloe.
I must say both ads try to grab your attention with beautiful women displayed and advertising the perfume ...view middle of the document...

RiRi brand is a colorful add that looks to be targeted towards younger and urban women. Rihanna is well known and there are a lot of young and middle age women that admire and look up to her. You can even ask some women about her and they will say that they would love to be her. The Chloe brand is looks to be directed towards the more affluent women and business minded type of women. There are business women that would look at this ad and think this would be a great smell for the office or a business meeting. It looks to be a simple and pleasant smell that will complement the average business or older woman.
I would purchase RiRi brand of perfume for a number of reasons. Rihanna is an international super star. I love her music, the way she dress and just adore her accent. If her name or image is attached to anything especially a brand of perfume then I am under the assumption that the brand is high quality and a delightful fragrance.

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