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School Information System Essay

1037 words - 5 pages


Online School Information System

A Thesis Proposal Presented to
College of Information Technology and Engineering
Araullo University - PHINMA

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Cariñoso, John Joseph 
Bartolome, Neil Albert
Eugenio, Arvin N.
Facunla, Boustros S.

Ms. Evelyn Juliano
Thesis Adviser

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
Basic Education is the college preparatory unit of the university. It is composed of the Pre-School, Grade School and High School levels. It provides school age ...view middle of the document...

Students can access their grades online, making assignment can be more exciting to do because they can pass it online and to avoid copying before passing it in school. Accessing lesson plans for advance reading and searching about the lessons to learn more and study it by their own. Parent don’t need to go in school to get the cards of their son/daughter because they can have it online. real graphical progress are also are also accessible by the parent
Our System is a dynamic platform which allows educational institutions to manage their whole organization through the web, any time from anywhere in the world. It nurtures the interaction between ARAULLO UNIVERSITY, teachers, students and parents in a most effective way.

1.2 Statement of the problem
1.2.1 General Problem
ARAULLO UNIVERSITY BASIC EDUCATION DEPARTMENT is having difficulties in making schedules. All events are announced by the teacher or being post in their bulletin boards. Parent go to school to get reports card of students.
1.2.2 Specific Problem
* Time consuming in making schedules of teachers and students. They make schedules manually
* Teachers announce events and activities. Students sometime forgot what are being announce by their teachers.
* Time consuming in giving grades to parents. Parents go to school every quarters end to get the grade of the student.
* Attendance monitoring. The teachers do manual counting of students every day.
* Loss of syllabus. Syllabus is a hard copy given to students during the starts of the school year that contain the full topics that the student will take for the school year but sometimes syllabus are misplaced by the students.

1.3 Objective of the Study
1.3.1 General Objective
This study aim’s to solve problems encountered by the school management. To make system that provide the needs of school, teachers and Student for a better ways.
1.3.2 Specific Objective
* A program that can maintains personal information of the faculty staff, and contact number.
* A program that can maintain personal information of Students and history of past records.
* To develop a program that can help the school in making schedules
* To develop a program that can view grades of the Student online.
* To develop a program that can monitor Student’s attendance.
* To develop a program that can send...

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