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Discharge Summary
Team B
Lance Hickman

Discharge Summary
Pondering what an effective treatment plan is, well you have come to the right place. This piece gives an explanation of a definition along with an example of a current client, Jack Smith. The treatment plan that was delivered to Jack Smith in Week 3 was an assessment form completed with his information to help initiate a plan and achieved his goals according to his basic needs (Summers, 2012). The following segments give a description of how Jack’s treatment plan provided appropriate services based on his goals and clarifies the effectiveness of his treatment plan. In addition, there is also a description of ...view middle of the document...

The individual assign to care for Jack was tasked to prepare his meals daily, make sure he attended doctor’s appointments and revised his consumption of his medications.
Next, in the human services field, the human services workers help many individuals that require help to fulfill a need or solve and overcome the issue. In order for an individual to enter in the human services system, go through the process to determinate the needed help. There is much reason why an individual can enter the human services system, but there is also various reason the client can leave the system. The client at any point can decide to move on with his or her live or just leave the system. Some of the reasons that can close the case or determinate the services can be that the client is relocating, no longer has interest in the services, or just simply the need been fulfilling. In this case, the caregiver was transporting Jack to his daily activities including doctor’s visits and behavioral health.
However, since Jack became gradually dependent on others for all of his care. At the moment, Jack will be relocated into a convalescent in company accompanied with a memory-care unit in northern California. He is being transferred to Desert Hills Alzheimer’s Center, Riverside County. It is important to meet with Jack Smith’s before terminating the services. In the final interview with Mr. Smith, the human services worker summarize the treatment plan and what was accomplished is well-defined. This is the part where the helper offers reassurance during the interview, explaining to Jack how he is not being cut off or neglected and that they are welcome to return should they need services again (Summers, 2012, Chapter 17).
Furthermore, when the helper receives customer feedback it enables him/her to fix problems or concerns the client have with its services. When clients like Jack make available feedback, an agency is...

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