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Scholarship Essay

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“How my years at Manvel High School have prepared or inspired me for my future plans.”

Many teenagers including me though high school to be just another task of life to get through. While high school can be hard for some with long assignments and peer pressures, the social and personal benefits of getting a high school education was enough for me to stay in school and achieve my goals. There are number of personal and social benefits for any students getting a high school education and understanding them encouraged me to continue, despite the challenges. Manvel High School played a big role in my life, motivating me to follow my goals and achieve it.
When going to high school every day, I was faced with situations where I must make decisions. Being ...view middle of the document...

Having friends and people to relate to at such an age is an importance, making high school a necessary step socially for many students.
By taking numerous advanced placement and dual credit classes that are provided by Manvel High School, I believe that I’m ready for the college workload that will be offered in a typical college classes. These classes are hard and exhausting, but my High School prepared me overcome stress and work harder by making me take college classes during my High School career. I’m aware that the AP and dual credit classes will let the colleges recognize me and also make my college years easier.
Manvel High School helped me to apply to colleges, get my classes in order, and prepare my transcripts that I will be sending to colleges and scholarship committees. They also provided me with SAT dates and locations, as well as help me prepare for those exams by setting up prep classes after school. My teachers gave me insights into college life, and how to prepare for college and other future circumstances.
During my years in High school, I became aware that, even though grades are an important factor in admission, colleges are also interested knowing the students involvement in extracurricular activities. I involved myself in several different clubs and volunteer works. By doing this in high school, I will maintain to do community services and join clubs and serve the community in college and in my future.
Manvel High School prepared me for college and my future in a lot of ways, such as getting education and following goals that needs to achieve. High School is actually the first step toward becoming an adult, and not just another step in the public school system.

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