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Schindler’s List Movie Review

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Before this movie, I knew little of Oskar Schindler's story. This was such a powerful and moving plot. Spielberg did a commendable job bringing Thomas Keneally's 1982 novel to the screen. This film has earned countless awards, which are truly well deserved. The movie is both deeply moving and believable. I thought filming Schindler's List in black-and-white was an effective way to portray the oppression of the Jews. The scenes of the cruel slaughter in the Polish ghetto and concentration camps are painful to watch. To depict the Holocaust as a tragedy of individuals, Speilberg uses a little girl in a red coat, which catches Schindler's eye more than once.I believe the theme of this movie was to educate people of the anguish the holocaust has caused and to spread the message, that all human lives are precious, regardless of religion, or race. Rarely can we find someone who selflessly risks their life to save a great number of people. Oskar Schindler made a sacrifice that he felt ...view middle of the document...

As things worsened, the workers at Schindler's factory noticed that they were protected. Schindler uses his charm to convince the SS Officer, Goeth, to allow the Krakow Jews to remain as workers in his factory. He sees to it, that the Jews are kept out of the gas chambers. Schindler is aided by his wife, Emilie, to provided food and medicine to the Jews. They also allowed religious celebrations in the factory. The SS guards were given bribes to keep them from reporting what was happening. By the end of the war, he had risked his life and spent his fortune to save his Jews.Amon Goeth, played by Ralph Fiennes is terrifyingly believable. In the film, he is the murderous commander of Plaszow. He uses murder to feel authoritative. He preaches for the extinction of the Jews. Yet at the same time he hires a Jew named Helen Hirsch, played by Embeth Davidtz, to be his house cleaner. He later falls in love with her. It seems that his personal needs are more important than the lives of innocent Jews or what is moral.Schindler needs help to run the factory, so he seeks Stern. Itzhak Stern, played by Ben Kingsley, is a Jewish accountant. In the movie, Stern hires Jews for Schindler. Stern manages to convince the Jews that a job at Schindler's factory could guarantee protection and a chance of a longer life. At first, Stern did not fully trust Schindler. It was difficult for Stern to trust someone of greed, high living, close association with Nazi officials, and membership in the Nazi party. Ironically, these traits allowed Schindler to deceive the Nazis all along. All three performances are outstanding, not only are they believable they create the story in the most moving way."Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire." At the end of the film, the actual people who were saved by Schindler are shown paying their respects to Oskar Schindler. It was said that Schindlerjuden, or Schindler's Jews, and their descendants today total about 6,000 and that the Jewish population of Poland is 4,000. Oscar Schindler saved many lives; some described him as an unlikely hero. Perhaps it took a man who was a risk taker, to do what he did.Internet Sources:

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