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Scheme Of Work Essay

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What has been taken into account when selecting the subject content and the learning outcomes?
While designing the scheme of work there were many factors taken in to account. Whilst the planning for assessment has been a central factor considerable considerations have been given to the syllabus and course outcomes, combined, these present an overview for what should be learned by the end of the course. I adopted a modular approach to the planning as this was important in processing the scheme of work and allowed for detailed planning.
I deliberated over what the student cohort may already know and understand at this level but ideally I would have the opportunity to explore this somewhat ...view middle of the document...

Kolb explains that different people naturally prefer a certain single different learning style.
I have strived to incorporate different elements of learning by addressing Bloom’s learning domains and the need to incorporate higher levels of thinking for students to become critical thinkers, using questioning that incorporates knowledge, comprehension and application. I am aware that at this level students should be able to demonstrate the basic understandings of facts and ideas and begin to apply their knowledge to new situations and many of the activities support independent learning and higher levels of thinking. I will
How do you intend to address inclusion and differentiation in the planning, teaching and assessment?
I have considered many of the potential barriers to learning that have been addressed in the planning and in terms of forms of assessment, I have opted for formative means of assessment to measure what student’s have learned having discovered that it appears to be a valued form of assessment to both improve student achievement and to provide inclusivity. Research by Dunn and Mulvenon (2009, p.1) suggests that formative assessment considers preferred learning styles and considers inclusivity in line with the implementation of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) 2002. Fuchs et al 1997 (cited in Black and Wiliam 1998, p. 83) are advocates of the use of formative assessment in low achieving learners and those with learning disabilities. Thus, formative achievement narrows the gap between high and low achievers.
Consideration should be given to the right environment in which to teach, as this is conducive to effective learning. Moore and Carol (1992) highlight some of these factors that can affect learning; whether the seating is formally or informally arranged, the volume of noise in the setting, the temperature of the room, level of light, the kinaesthetic needs of students and mobility and appropriate times to take breaks.
As well as considering the various styles of teaching in lessons. I will ensure that any hand-outs will be in a suitable format with larger text and typed on appropriately coloured paper for all students, I will give students the opportunity to either take notes or annotate hand-outs from all power point presentations. For the purposes of Q&A I will ask students to write on individual white boards, this allows all the students an equal opportunity to respond as well as thinking time. An added benefit is that I will know which students are paying attention and should be able to assess their understanding. I will expect students to work independently and in pairs for the purposes of peer support as well as in groups, this will ensure students integrate with one another and subsequently learn about each other encompassing equality and diversity. Furthermore, to imbed E&D into the lessons I will use videos of various cultures to highlight the elements of writing for a purpose.
Additionally, for those...

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