Scheduling Across The Supply Chain Executive Summary

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Scheduling Across The Supply Chain Executive SummaryTeam A has unveiled a new product for McDonalds called the McTurkey Club Sandwich. The team believes in the new product and the initial research has shown that the consumer is ready for this new sandwich. This executive summary will discuss the new sandwich and will examine different methods and concepts concerning scheduling of the supply chain. This summary will also examine scheduling approaches in relationship to manufacturing processes such as Job Shop, Batch Shop, Assembly, and continuous Flow. The summary will further discuss products manufacturing, relationships of equipment availability, personnel, bottlenecks, and then compare and ...view middle of the document...

Continuous Flow is a conveyor belt line where products are assembled or where products are distributed. Each of these processes flows needs to be considered when scheduling for production on the McTurkey Club Sandwich in order to maintain a consistent product which meets the needs and demands of the consumer.Manufacturing ProcessThe manufacturing process for the McTurkey Club is quite simple. Because this is a sandwich, and the products to create this sandwich are not manufactured by McDonalds, they are purchased from a distributor. The only manufacturing process involved for the product is the labor involved in putting the sandwich together. As for the scheduling, management will monitor the flow of customers and confirm the time when the restaurant is the busiest. This process is quite easy to do by evaluating the sales receipts.Equipment AvailabilityThe equipment availability would not be of concern because the only equipment required to create the McTurkey is a counter to make the sandwich, which is currently in the restaurant. Storage Bins are needed to hold the ingredients and is not issues because these items are currently in the store. Management would evaluate staffing...

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