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Scene Subculture Essay

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Task One – Investigation into the representation of Stereotypes in Print Media

The layout of the article does influence how the subculture is viewed. You are instantly confronted by an image of surly-looking teenage girls absurdly dressed. The reader instantly forms an opinion about the photograph and makes a judgement about the people in the image. The initial quotes are from scene teenagers themselves talking about their subculture and expressing their views on how society sees them to be different. The second set of interviews comes from a girl from another subculture who is opposed to the scene idea. The two opposing views provide balance and it gives the reader a choice. It uses a lot of descriptive passages, for example the opening sentence, “Dyed fringes long and their threads grungy”. This introduces the reader to an idea of a teen fashion subculture. The photo ...view middle of the document...

I feel that the article is neutral. It is not bias and does not take any particular side. The writer uses quotes from both emos and scene girls, showing both sides’ opinion on the scene subculture. This also gives the reader the choice to decide whether they prefer emos or scene. The article is accurate as it presents interviews and quotes with people, which show that research has been done during the process of writing the article. I think this article conforms to stereotypes and expectations. Most people already expect scene girls to resemble a similar appearance to emos (even though they don’t like to be compared to the other subculture). I think the photo heavily stereotyped the scene subculture, especially in the photo. The girls are extravagantly dressed up with heavy make up and big hair, which heavily stereotypes these teens as “edgy” and their facial expressions almost make them look “mean”. My expectations regarding the representation of this group were correct. I expected this subculture to come across as very dark and edgy, which was clearly shown in the image presented in the article. I expected the people in this subculture to be over-confident and very unique, almost like outcasts from the rest of society. I thought that scene girls would be represented more negatively throughout the media because of their bold image, however the article is neutral and is not against the subculture.
The scene subculture is not as negatively stereotyped, as most people would have expected. It is a very bold, unique subculture that stands out a lot in society. Overall, I think they are represented as being very confident, outgoing people creating their own fashion trends. I was surprised that the writer wasn’t bias. Instead, the article was very neutral to both sides, scene vs emo. I think the main tool used to persuade the reader to either like or dislike (mainly dislike) the scene subculture would be the image used in the article.

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