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Scenario Evaluation Plan Essay

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Scenario Evaluation Plan
Karen Crawford
Dakira Starks-Walker

As you read this paper you will find that it is going to be about a fictional program scenario that I have chosen to work with. The scenario that I have chosen is scenario three PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. Also it will be comparing program planning with program evaluation in human services organizations and how the components are related. It will be identifying specific examples of how program planning and evaluation interrelate in the scenario that was chosen. Last it will be identifying technical and political aspects of program planning and evaluation that may be encountered in the scenario and ...view middle of the document...

The main goal is to stop the abuse somehow. However in order to stop the abuse one must identify what the issue is and why or how it is causing the problem.
The technical aspect of program planning that one may encounter in the program scenario that was chosen is to have someone who is qualified or a qualified counselor on hand for the people who are the victims of domestic violence. The counselor would be able to talk to the victim or victims to find out exactly what they need or what their needs are. Also what areas do the victim or victims need help in for example child care, schooling, housing, counseling and any other needs that the victim or victims may need. The political aspect of program planning and program evaluation of the chosen scenario would be going to a higher authority. For example going to congress and fighting to get better laws against domestic violence and even coming up with a better law that will protect the person or person’s being abused. It also needs to be made so the person who is doing the abuse will take full responsibility for their actions.
Issues that could affect the planning and evaluation process of the domestic violence scenario is the person’s housing. For example he or she may not be able to get to a safe house for protection. They also may not be able to get in contact with someone who...

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