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Scenario 1 Essay

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Scenario 1
1.) What should Bryan do about the clock?
Bryan should explain to his wife Nina what could happen if his boss found out about the clock. He should explain the ethics policy set in place at his job and that he could lose his job if word got back of them accepting the clock. Finally he should explain to her that he is looking out for the company’s reputation as well and wants to behave in an ethical manner. Stressing the fact that “ethical buyers do not accept outside gifts or favors that violate their firm’s ethics policy”( Handfield, Giunipero, Monczka, & Patterson, 2011). Another approach would be to direct her to the standard guidelines in the code of ethics developed by ...view middle of the document...

4.) Does the mere act of sending the clock to Bryan mean that Mr. McEnroe is an unethical salesperson?
I would definitely say yes the mere act presents him as an unethical salesperson. To me it’s like a person trying to rob a bank but getting caught before actually getting away with anything. It’s considered attempted robbery because there was an attempt to commit a crime. Same goes for Mr. McEnroe in this case. He attempted to do something unethical therefore to me he would be categorized as an unethical salesperson due to his actions. The act was already unethical but he took it even a step further towards being unethical by going to great links to cover his “trail”.
Scenario 4
1.) What does the Institute of Supply Management code of ethics say about financial conflicts of interest?
“When a buyer awards business to a supplier because the buyer, the buyer’s family, or relatives of the buyer have a direct financial interest in a supplier, this is considered a major unethical practice” (Handfield, Giunipero, Monczka, & Patterson, 2011). The ISM stresses the importance of making sure that a company avoids financial conflicts of interest at all cost. “Even though a conflict may not technically exist, supply management professionals must avoid the appearance of such a conflict” (Institute of Supply Management). They recommend setting guidelines to avoid and manage such possible conflicts. Most importantly they suggest that employers encourage employees upon hiring and thereafter to disclose any information that may pose a conflict of interest threat.
2.) Ethical decisions that affect a buyer’s ethical perspective usually involve the organizational environment, cultural environment, personal environment, and industry environment. Analyze this scenario using these four variables.
* Organizational environment – If the supplier that Dave has...

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