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Scavenger Hunt Essay

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Scavenger Hunt
Juan Ortega Lebron
University Of Phoenix
28 de mayo de 2009
Dra. Claudia I. Serra
Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is designed to familiarize you with the myriad of tools provided by the University of Phoenix to assist in your success. For example, did you know that the University of Phoenix Library contains thousands of up-to-date journals, newspapers, industry reports, and research databases? This Scavenger Hunt sends you on a search to answer 15 questions similar to the following question:

Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the University Library. On ...view middle of the document...

This database is recommended for courses in business and technology management.

The correct answer is b; however, all four of these resources may be valuable tools for your research.

The Hunt Begins Here…

1. Did you know that the University of Phoenix Library has librarians available to help you with your Master’s Level research? An electronic form sends the librarian a request on a topic, a journal, or any other library resource. Our Ask a Librarian service is your pathway to obtaining professional guidance and recommendations regarding your research. For those challenging topics, ask a librarian for his or her professional research assistance.

Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab on your student portal. Then click on the link for University Library and navigate to the Ask a Librarian section. Then, answer the following question:

What is the turnaround time for library requests?

Turnaround time: 48 hours

2. The Center for Writing Excellence is another fabulous tool made available to you by the University of Phoenix. Not only may you submit a paper to the grammar checker and get a corrected paper back within minutes, but you may also check your paper automatically for plagiarism to make sure you cited all of your research correctly. Along with these valuable reviewing tools are several tutorials and guides to assist you in producing the finest work possible.

Go to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the Center for Writing Excellence. On the left is a box titled Writing Tools; select the link for Tutorials Guides. From the list provided on this page, what is the tutorial or guide available under the category Essay Development?

Name of tutorial or guide: Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers _

3. In the business world, you often find the need to use information gathered from many sources. University of Phoenix provides you with a valuable list of resource links that help you in your coursework and may be used in your career. After you login to your student portal, select the Classroom tab and go to Materials. On the left side of the page, below your text resources, is a link for the Links Library. Select the Links Library. Explore the various sections in the Links Library and provide the information requested from the various topic areas:

Business Research & Statistics > Statistics Resources

Name: Hyperstat, URL:,

Public Administration > Ethics

Name: U.S. Office of Government Ethics URL:

4. As a Master’s student, you conduct research that involves best practices along with determining what other companies have done when confronted with similar business issues that you examine in your course materials. With this type of research, you may want to look at a case study or maybe at a comparison...

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