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Scanty Security Essay

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It's 3:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and an urgent phone call is received by the bank manager advising him that the network is 'acting-up' again. Frozen systems, blue screens, and data losses are occurring on workstations around the entire bank. Employees sit at their cubicles dumbfounded, as they no longer have control over their computers. An incoming fax is received, and the sender is anonymous; "Your network is a f__ing mess." The message goes on to inform the bank of the critical attack that was just performed on their system, along with details of holes and bugs in their computer network. Just another electronic-vandal playing games on his computer? Possibly, but for what reason. For ...view middle of the document...

A network is only as strong as its weakest user." It's not the systems themselves that are the problem, rather the users that make the systems vulnerable. The most common password, even in non-English spoken countries, is 'password'. Until time can be spent on training employees about things like this, we will only be seeing more and more security breaches. We no longer live in a world where robbing the bank meant wearing a mask and carrying a gun. Such a task can literally be carried out by a 16-year old high school student and a group of friends from the computers their parents bought them for Christmas.There's not a whole lot companies can do to prevent these kinds of strikes. "There will be increasingly creative attempts to foil hackers, but that will be very tough, if not an impossible process." Impossible is the key word. It's like a game of cat and mouse. Security systems are upgraded, and almost immediately hackers are hard at work cracking and breaking codes to force their way through the doors. It's a game to them. The harder the security locks, the more fun it is. It's not even the fact that they are gaining anything from the hack, only the satisfaction that they did it, and the recognition from fellow hackers is payment enough.The security of the Internet has become such a big issue it has struck high agencies such as the F.B.I and the D.O.D. The Department of Defense has taken several steps to upgrading it's security, including hiring it's own 'in-house hackers' to protect their system from cyber strikes. Agencies have upgraded their security products, set new security policies and changed systems' architectures to keep one step ahead of hackers.Companies do what they have to do to keep themselves safe, but is it really enough? Many say the upgrades and protections provide a false sense of security for these businesses. "No one connected to a computer network is really safe from hackers. In the end, hackers see security systems as a challenge, not an obstacle," says David Mandeville, a self-proclaimed hacker. Once hackers get onto machines that host networks, they can alter or remove files, steal information and erase the evidence of those activities. Anything they want really; as if they were sitting in front of the system themselves. But many hackers break security systems just to see if they can do it. For these type of hackers, it's more a test of skill than an attempt to steal or alter data. But besides these type of hackers, there are hackers out there who are in it solely for personal gain; as well as hacking groups a.k.a. 'cyber terrorists', who create mass destruction in the cyber world.Large companies, especially financial institutes are doing all they can to help prevent cyber attacks from occurring. A large network of information has been developed to inform them of such crimes and help prevent them before they are happen. Licensed banks and other government-regulated financial firms that become subscribers are able to...

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