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Say No To Se2. This Essay Is About The Canadian Reaction To The Proposed Se2 Powerplant In Sumas Washington

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"Say no to SE2! Say no to SE2!"We can't have those Americans building a power plant only a few kilometers away from us! It would devastate our communities here in the lower mainland. I realize that SE2 would only be burning the cleanest source of fossil fuels available to us, natural gas, but that still pollutes our air and our water. Why should we care about their energy crisis anyways? It's not like it affects us, after all, we are Canadians and they are Americans.An SE2 supporter came up to me the other day and, trying to convince me to change my opinion on the topic, told me how badly the Sumas area needs new sources of energy to support increasing demands for it. SE2 would provide ...view middle of the document...

We Canadians contribute enough to the bad air quality, mostly just from driving vehicles within the Fraser Valley. So what if this pollution is caused by us? Just because the vast majority of us don't carpool even though in many cases we could doesn't mean that Americans, too, can add to our pollution problems.We can cause pollution, they can't.The other day another SE2 supporter approached me and told me how unfair it is for us to say no to a natural gas power plant when we ourselves use natural gas for fireplaces and to heat our homes. Many people burn wood in fireplaces, too, not to mention bonfires and campfires that go on year round. How can we rightfully say no to something that is the exact same thing that we do ourselves? Well, for one thing, we do not burn it in the large quantities that SE2 would. Besides, we are Canadian, therefore it doesn't matter what we do to the environment and air quality around us. If we want to pollute it, we can. Many of us smoke, too, and add pollution to the air in that respect. You don't see us protesting against cigarette smokers or against people who don't carpool, or even against people who burn wood and natural gas. Do you know why? Because we only care about ourselves, not about the American economy and not about the American lives that could become much better if SE2 were to be built. Why should we care about them anyway?That is exactly what I said to an SE2 supporter who questioned me about the numerous coal and natural gas power plants which are being constructed on Vancouver Island. Those plants are creating energy for Canadians, so they are okay. No need for us to oppose them, or at least not vocally. They are creating Canadian jobs and Canadian energy, therefore they are good. Who cares that all the pollution generated from these plants will end up caught in the prevailing winds and be blown right into our basin. At least it is our own pollution! Those Americans are so proud of themselves, because if they build SE2 they will establish a new benchmark for environmental responsibility in...

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