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Saving Our Aquifers Essay

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Saving our Aquifers
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Saving our Aquifers
Aquifers are one of the earth’s most important resources. Aquifers provide drinking water to millions of people in the United States. Aquifers are also a source of water for industrial and agricultural uses. More must be done to protect this resource. Currently we are seeing the depletion and contamination of this precious resource. Chemicals we put on our lawns to chemical spills are leading to the contamination of the United States’ aquifers. Over pumping of the aquifers is also another growing problem. As the population of countries is increasing, so is the amount of water needed to satisfy the ...view middle of the document...

The ones that have nothing to do with this are going to be the ones that are going to be faced with a huge decision in the future on what to do with this crisis.
Impacts on humans
The potential impacts of running out of water for humans will be catastrophic. Due to the over pumping of the shallow aquifers, it is forcing countries to dig deeper for water. The problem with going to the deeper aquifers is that these can’t be replenished. Deeper digging then causes another problem, rising electricity prices. To dig deeper wells takes much more energy. In India, it is reported that due to the rapid drying up of water wells, people that rely on these wells have been committing suicide because they feel that they have no other options. As stated in the previous section, countries are reporting massive reduction of wheat and rice crops causing countries to go hungry.
Another negative impact on humans due to poor management of the aquifers is the contamination of them. Due to the population boom around the world, there also comes more trash which also brings the need of a place to dispose of this trash. Unfortunately, when we get rid of this trash by dumping it into a hole in the ground we are running the risk of polluting our aquifers. Along with this there is another potential negative impact. All water sources including rivers and aquifers are being found to contain traces of pharmaceutical drugs. The traces of these drugs are entering the water sources from being flushed down the toilets. So because of the threat of tainted tap water people are turning to drinking bottled water. This in fact does not solve the potential problem. Buying tap water opens people up to other problems and not to mention costs them large amounts of money a year. Among the potential problems from drinking bottled water are chemicals from the bottled water such as arsenic and bromated. Astonishingly, it is thought that up to 40% of bottled water is actually just tap water (Hauter, 2008).
Current sustainability strategies
In the United States there are two types of drinking water systems: Public water systems and Individual water systems. All public water systems are subject to EPA regulations. While private individual water systems are not controlled by the EPA. The owners of these private wells are required to make sure that their wells provide safe drinking water. Currently it is estimated that nearly 15% of the American population receives its drinking water from private water wells that are not subject to EPA regulations (CDC, 2009).
A problem with the set of current regulations is in fact the enforcement of them. Each person is needed to contribute to the saving of our drinking water and ultimately our aquifers. By reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides on our lawns we can prevent the contamination of the ground which leads to our drinking water. Also by being more careful when handling oil and gasoline products by not spilling them into our lawns,...

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