Save Environment For A Safe Future

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Save environment for a safe future
The main environmental problem Pakistan facing is pollution and we have to save environment for a save future.
1)Water Pollution:
The National Conservation Strategy Report has documented how solid and liquid excreta are the major source of water pollution in the country and the cause of widespread waterborne diseases. Because only just over half of urban residents have access to sanitation, the remaining urban excreta are deposited on roadsides, into waterways, or incorporated into solid waste. Additionally, only three major sewage treatment plants exist in the country; two of them operate intermittently. Much of the untreated sewage goes into irrigation ...view middle of the document...

When you can't find a good alternative to a toxic item, use the least amount you can get away with and still get the job done.
ii)Don't use pesticides and herbicides:
These powerful chemicals are sprayed directly over the ground, and when it rains they seep deeper and get into the groundwater. You probably just want aphids to stop eating your tomatoes, but spraying the garden with pesticide will do a lot more than that when it gets into the groundwater that humans and other organisms need to survive.
Grow an organic garden instead. There are plenty of organic solutions to pest and weed infestations. They might take a little more work, but they'll keep the groundwater clean and keep your food clean, too.
iii)Don't flush medication:
Large doses of medication are difficult for water sanitation systems to remove from the water supply, and they end up impacting everyone who drinks the water. Each medication on the market has specific instructions for how it should be disposed. If you need to throw medication away, find out the proper way to do it instead of resorting to flushing.
There are a few highly controlled medications that authorities recommend flushing in order to keep them out of the wrong hands. These are exceptions to the general rule that medications should not be flushed.
iv)Dispose of toxic waste properly:
Some substances should not be thrown out with the trash, because they'll seep into the ground and poison the groundwater. If you have a toxic chemical and you're not sure how to throw it away, contact your local sanitation department to find out where there's toxic waste disposal site. Take it there to make sure it gets handled properly.
v)Conserve water:
It's important to take good care of the water we do have and conserve it as much as possible. Wasting water uses up a valuable resource and has a big effect on the environment. It's easy to take measures in your daily life that help you use less water and preserve the health of your region's ecosystems. Here are a few ways to save water:
Fix water leaks promptly.
Use water-saving devices on your faucets and toilets, like a low-flow showerhead.
Don't wash dishes with the water constantly running.
Replace old toilets and appliances with newer models that use less water.
Don't water your lawn excessively, especially if you live in a dry area.
2)Air Pollution:
Air pollution has also become a major problem in most cities. There are no controls on vehicular emissions, which account for 90 percent of pollutants. The National Conservation Strategy Report claims that the average Pakistani vehicle emits twenty-five times as much carbon monoxide, twenty times as many hydrocarbons, and more than three and one-half times as much nitrous oxide in grams per kilometer as the average vehicle in the United States.
Stopping AIr Pollution:
i)Become less reliant on your car:
It's not just turning on your ignition and driving to the supermarket that pollutes the air. It's all the...

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