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Saudi Arabia Is A Medium Political Risk

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Saudi Arabia is a medium political risk country. Saudi Arabia is the No. 1 oil exporter, underpins U.S. security policy in the Middle East and holds great sway over the world's 1.6 billion Muslims through its guardianship of Islam's two holiest sites. 
The first political risk facing is the succession. King Abdullah turns 90 this year and his heir, half-brother Crown Prince Salman, turns 77. In February he named his youngest half-brother, Prince Muqrin, 70, as second deputy premier, a role often seen as making its holder second-in-line to rule. However, it is not certain that Muqrin will one day become king and the ruling al-Saud family is preparing for the moment when the line of brothers ...view middle of the document...

Iran denies this.
The fourth political risk is the SHI’ITE minority. Anti-government protests among minority Saudi Shi'ites have resulted in the deaths of 16 demonstrators and one policeman in shooting incidents in Qatif district since early 2011. Shi'ites complain of entrenched discrimination, which Riyadh denies. Older, more moderate Shi'ite leaders say they fear violence may radicalise youths and discourage a path of dialogue.
The last political risk is the islamist militancy. Al Qaeda remains a significant security concern. The Saudis crushed an armed militant campaign in 2003-6, but many al Qaeda operatives then joined their counterparts in neighbouring Yemen. Riyadh fears turbulence in Yemen may allow al Qaeda to flourish there. The goals of Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) include ousting the Saudi royal family.
Bangladesh is a high political risk country. This past year Bangladesh overcame a near failing of their government, as a number of political issues threatened to tear the seams of an already stretched nation. In addition to governmental short comings, other political issue run rampant in Bangladesh.

The first political risk in Bangladesh is the violence. 2013 Bangladesh violence started on February 28, 2013 after the announcement of death sentence of Delwar Hossain Sayidee, a leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami , who was accused of murder, arson, looting, rape, and forcefully converting non-muslim people to muslims during the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971. European diplomats say as many as 50 people were killed in the capital as security forces cracked down on members of an extreme Islamist group, Hefajat-e-Islam. Many more were killed elsewhere. Odhikar, a reputable human-rights outfit, reports that some hundreds of people died during a “killing spree” by a force of 10,000 made up of police, paramilitaries and armed men from the ruling Awami League. Bodies were strewn about the streets of Dhaka’s commercial district. Deadly clashes took place elsewhere, such as at Narayanganj, south of the capital, where 20 people were reported killed. The coming months look turbulent. A war-crimes...

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