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Satan Essay

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Honor and Respect Out of my inexperience I have dated many different girls. All of my relationships to average had ended up sitting my up with a depraved behavior. When I believed I had made a good decision on dating, whom to date, what to expect form a girl, and that I must make them be good to me. That way was a mistake; I could not make them do anything, and it was wrong to try. That must be their decision on how to treat me, and what to do for me. This is the only way to win a girl.Go out with a girl that you really like, and not just because she is pretty. This is a part of honoring and respecting woman. She should be treated as if she is a God ...view middle of the document...

Consider the principles; do not treat them with any sexism or meanness. They know a lot more than you believe; I have decided out of my perception that the female may be the wisest human. My girl friend has taught me many things, as to put the toilet seat down if I value my life, and that she is always right if your care to see her ever again. I can conform to these customs, and of my own will. I just want to keep my girl friend happy with me. So I am delighted to make her happy in any way possible. If she wants me to be anywhere, I am there, or do anything; it is done.I have learned that girls can be grouchy quite a bit, but they do not just wake up and decide weather or not she is going to be grouchy, and mean. Stress and denial of personal time take account for this. I personally have had a previous problem with this element of anger. I did get in trouble because my heart was in the right place. I was with in the understanding that she wanted to see me all the time. It's not that she did not want to see me. It was just having two other siblings and parents in the house. Not to mention she had to share one bathroom. She had no personal hours to her self to relax.In conclusion act, in a way that would touch their heart. Love them, and they will love you back. Treat her as if she is the only girl in the world. Demonstrate the power of love, and be willing to learn her hearts desire. Be sensitive to her needs, and always be understanding. Make her want to say, "Thank you for being so sweet to me."

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737 words - 3 pages Bible Dictionary Project-Old Testament Book: Job The book of Job is the eighteenth book in the Bible and is a book about Faith, Pride and Loyalty. Job was a God-Fearing man who was faithful and loyal to God and His word, and God’s pride for Job caused him to boast about Job while having a conversation with Satan, then giving Satan permission to test just how faithful Job would be if he were to lose everything he had. Job was a wealthy man

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