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Sassoon's War Poems Essay

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Sassoon’s war poems 23rd September 09

Siegfried Sassoon was an anti war poet from the first world war, he wrote many poems expressing the way he felt about the war and the effects it had on him and other members of his platoon. The poems that I have read by Sassoon are, “Banishment” and “The Redeemer” both poems are anti war and I am going to write a summary of both poems and in which ways they are similar.

“Banishment” is a poem written by Sassoon while he was locked up in Craiglockheart Hospital as a temporarily insane patient. The poem is about the men that he had left behind unwillingly on the battlefield waiting to die. ...view middle of the document...

Sassoon ends the second stanza by saying that it was love that drove him back to help his fellow soldiers, and in the finial line he says “And in their tortured eyes I stand forgiven” this quote shows how much he resented being away from his companions and being unable to help them but at the same time he knew that the men would forgive him and this gave him some kind of relief.

Sassoon’s second poem that I read was “The Redeemer” this poem is about a time that Sassoon was in the trenches on a winters night with the rest of the soldiers awaiting the morning so that the fighting may continue. The word choice used in this poem is what makes the poem so effective in getting the anti war message across.
In stanza one Sassoon sets the scene and describes the weather and conditions that the men had to face that winters night in the trenches. Words such as Darkness, rain sluiced, mire and winters night all give the reader a clear image of what the weather was like and effectively sets the scene. Sassoon goes on further to describe the conditions that the men had to endure, he says “We lugged our clay-sucked boots” this shows how difficult it was for the men even just to walk in the dreadful conditions of the trench, the word lugged shows the way in which the men moved around the trench (slow and heavy movements). Sassoon also give a brief description of the fighting that was taken place above them, a bullet sang, droning shells and a hollow bang all this adds to the image being created by Sassoon of the trench.
In stanza two Sassoon compares a solider to “Christ” this is because of the way he was carrying the planks of wood on his shoulders it resembles the way in which Jesus was crucified. This could possibly have a meaning that he...

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