Sassoon's Use Of Irony In "Glory Of Women"

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Explication of the poetry:Sassoon was an English poet, writer and soldier. He became one of the Great War poets of World War 1 and became famous through his poetry, "Glory of Women" in which he expresses the role of women during the Great War.In "Glory of Women", Siegfried Sassoon uses satirical, plentiful structure in order to give a description of his view of the function of British women, who were working in a factory, serving as nurses to look after soldiers during the Great War.Although it has not been divided into any stanzas, in terms of its structure, the poem reflects characteristics of a sonnet. The rhyme scheme can be ...view middle of the document...

Both lines "O German mother dreaming by the fire" and "While you are knitting socks to send your son" demonstrate the fact that at this time women in the these two fighting countries help men or soldiers by either working in a factory or knitting socks to send them. In addition to this, in the line 9 saying that "You can't believe that British troops 'retire'" the poet underlines that British troops do not retire.Within the last three lines, the poet makes the reader consider deeply about the final visualization of German mother who are knitting socks. This visualization is a stark juxtaposition from the visualization of the British women who are working in a factory in order to make shells for the British troops to kill the German soldiers. This juxtaposition shows the power of British women influence the German mother's sorrow. In the point of Sassoon's view, this is the glory of women.The title, "Glory of Women," is used ironically as if Sassoon was glorifying women. During the Great War the role of women has been portrayed in many different ways from beginning of the poetry. In this period, a lot of men are going to war therefore; it was a critical time for women to replace the men. In the poetry, Sassoon speaks in second person as he directly refers to women of the Great War. Using word instead of "I" he always uses words "we", "us". As a result of this, the role of women not only caused much sorrow in Sassoon's eyes, but also helped the British troops win the war.

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