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Sas Company Ltd Essay

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Case about SAS institute ins.

1. One critic calls SAS "a big brother approach to managing people." Is the company too paternalistic? Can a company be too paternalistic?

I do believe that SAS's approach to managing people is the result of an accurate analysis performed by the management staff. Therefore, when the management discusses improving employee retention rates, the initial topic is often higher salaries and bonuses. That is partly valid, because money is a key element; as SAS can attest, retention efforts can be very effective if they focus on more ways to spend the money than just increasing salary levels. With its strategy to boost employee retention, the company has created a ...view middle of the document...

This is especially true if the big part of the company value is the workforce's expertise. In a software developing company like SAS Institute, intellectual capital is its number one asset and, without it, SAS would not be enjoying its current sales; therefore, it is understandable from the management point of view, the effort to keep the employees as close as they can to their expectations, making leaving the company difficult for them.

3. What negatives, if any, would you find working for SAS?

I do not see any specific negative aspect working for this organization. I think it depends a lot on the expectation a person has about work and lifestyle.
4. Are progressive HR practices such as those at SAS a cause or result of high profits? Discuss.

I think that focused HR practices have been the cause of high profits in the past, but right now are the results of them. Marketing studies on the company's organization have brought the evidence of how important the Human Resources department in the development of a healthy and effective company is. The results of these successful organizations are the demonstration that, to reach high profits with a company, the role played by the HR department is indispensable, as Robbins (2001) states, "An organization's human resources polices and practices represent important forces for shaping employee behavior and attitudes." (p. 261). This has become more evident since the managers understood the importance of the human factor in the company's performance: this is the motivation to the organizational behavior concept.

5. Microsoft is an unbelievably successful software company. But no one would ever call its culture relaxed. It is frantic. Employees regularly put in 12, 14-hour days, six and...

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