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Sand In A Sieve Essay

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Joseph B. Huerta
Sand in a Sieve
While sand in a sieve passes through and society widens its desires, the few remnants, who seek to fight, flee, or accept, endure in their own way, a world unbeknownst to them. While one may seek to live by standards opposed to the norm of the world, he will find himself, for the majority, walking alone and loathed by the world and his light. As humanity began to advance in all areas of study, in the 20th century, the unsatisfied hearts of men continually overwhelmed anyone’s good efforts. The constant retaliation, bonds of hatred, cycles of war, and generational malice seems to never end. In every triumph of good, evil always multiplied from its losses.
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The choice to be the certainty in the uncertainty meant to men like Hamlet, an undesirable death. Others like, John the savage and McCandless chose to run from their problems and live for themselves. All in all, they all faced death, but it was in how they approached a mortal life that it came to be defined.
Even though darkness seems to resound, as the forces of good do their best to recover a damaged world, some men like Berryman, endure. The witnessing of an increase in unnecessary retaliation, revolution, self-gratification, and moral depravity are just some o f the mere things Berry man witnessed in action. Berryman witnessed war becoming generational through Hitler’s blinded pride that gave way to the persecution of his scapegoats. The darkened days of such a world brought upon a need for society to fulfill themselves with revolution and sexual ideals. Philosophies from the east became accepted and lunged society towards Thoreau’s ideas about self-improvement, but in the chaos, they forgot about those who really suffered. In the end, Berryman would continue to be disappointed by how shallow the world would get. All that is left of Berryman’s beliefs are his writings that we have forgotten in a materialistically anesthetized society.
The choice to push forward and endure may be wearisome, but it leaves a precedent and shows it is possible to exceed the set standards of the world. The frustration of men like Berryman and the other characters from the novels, unlike the rest of the world, understood that there was a higher moral than that of good and evil. They saw that there was an upright path and however they interpreted it, they found freedom in the end from a world that did not understand.

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