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San Juan Essay

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It was the 20th of February 1865 when a group of Ilocano settlers in wooden carts and horsebacks arrived at a vast forested plain northwest of the Binituan River in Nueva Ecija. They cleared the land and started planting the loamy soil with the rice seeds they brought with them. They called the new land San Juan de Guimba in honor of the patron saint the settlers brought from Ilocos, and of the pot-making industry called “gebba” which they used to do in the old land. Thus was the origin of Guimba and its rice industry as it rose to become the province of Nueva Ecija’s traditional top rice producing area.

Soon more settlers arrived mostly from the old ...view middle of the document...

Don ALFONSO FAIGAL (1865-1868)
2. Don GINES ONGJIANGCO (1869-1872)
3. Don JUAN SARMIENTO (1873-1876)
4. Don SATURNINO SANTIAGO(1877-1880)
5. Don PABLO MEDINA (1881-1884)
6. Don CENON RICO (1885-1888)
7. Don ANDRES AFAN SALVADOR (1889-1891)
8. Don MARTIN BAGAIN (1892-1895)
9. Don ESTEBAN DUBAL (1896-1899)
10. Don LUIS DE OCAMPO (1900-1903)
11. Don PABLO RAMOS (1910-1912)
12. Don SANTIAGO CUDAL (1912-1916)
13. Don SIMON SAWIT (1916-1919)
14. Don EUSEBIO TABAQUIN (1921-1922)
15. Don FELIX RAMENTO (1922-1925)
16. Don AGUSTIN VIGILIA (1925-1928)
17. Don ALFONSO FAIGAL (1928-1937)
18. Don JUAN VILLAMAR (1941-1943)
19. Don PEDRO CORPUZ (1943-1945)
20. Don ANACLETO RAMOS (1945-1948)
21. Hon. GIL DIZON (1948-1952)
22. Hon. ARSENIO PADRE (1953-1955)
23. Hon. VIRGILIO CALICA (1956-1957)
24. Hon. INOCENCIO GARAMPIL (1964-1967)
25. Hon. SEVERINO BERNARDINO (1968-1980)
26. Hon. VIRGILIO CALICA (1981-1983)
27. Hon. ANASTACIO ORTIZ (1983-1984)
28. Hon. JOSE DIZON (1988-1992)
29. Hon. CESAR CUCIO (1992-1995)
30. Hon. NESTOR BERNARDINO (1995-1998)
31. Hon. JOSE LUCIUS POCHOLO DIZON (1998-2007)
32. Hon. JOSE FRANCIS STEVENS DIZON (2007-Present)


Location and Accessibility
153 kilometers northwest of and 2 hours away from Metro Manila via North Luzon (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac (SCTEX).

36 kilometers from and 30 minutes away from Cabanatuan City via Baloc Junction.

Other entry points: Cuyapo via Pangasinan-Nueva Ecija Provincial Road;  Quezon via Guimba-Aliaga Road from SCTEX, Talugtug via Talugtug-Guimba Road, Pura via Gerona from Tarlac City.

Land Area and Political Subdivision
Land Area: 25,853,23 hectares
Agricultural lands: 23,669.5849
Topography: 0-3 percent slope
Elevation: 0-500 meters above sea level

Total: 64...

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