San Fransisco Liberals Of 2005 Essay

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In 2005, San Francisco announced their desire to make their little Utopia by the bay a military-free zone, and tried to erase the military’s presence altogether. Their vile contempt for the military is legendary and at times dangerously close to treasonous. They moved from harassing military recruiters to violently shutting down job fairs and anything that included military recruiters on college campuses and elsewhere. Impeding recruitment into any branch of the United States Armed Forces, and railing against all things military became the focal point of the radical leftists groups. The city's Board of Supervisors even voted maliciously against docking the WWII/Korean War-era USS Iowa as a ...view middle of the document...

Another obvious, more workable solution is to build more prisons and spend less money on frivolous liberal programs and cradle-to-grave entitlements. Just taking a firm stand against public-sector union demands for wages and benefits that dwarf that of the private-sector would free up billions of dollars to spend on prisons.

Marxists have no limit to the imaginative programs on which to spend taxpayer money; but practical expenditures like building prisons lack the pizzazz to catch a liberal’s pie-in-the-sky fancy. As complicated as liberals try to make every situation; common-sense solutions always elude these deep-thinkers.
Overcrowding of prisons is a national problem and remains unaddressed by politicians. They prefer to spend money on projects that stand out as paragons to their visions of goodwill toward man. Any project upon which they can erect a sign or use as a monument to themselves will attract political attention and garner support from Statehouses and Congress. The Jerry Brown or Arnold Schwarzenegger State Prison isn’t conducive to politicians’ sensibilities.

The queen bee of liberal-progressivism is surely located in the San Francisco area. Millions of little communist worker bees and Marxist drones swarm to the area to join in the American version of misfits for Mao. This angry, buzzing nest hangs on California’s left coast serving as a menacing symbol against everything military and anything American.

San Francisco elites reach deeply into their misguided, compassionate hearts to direct comfort to the bottom feeders of society and the enemies of America while loathing our country’s heroes, the U.S. Armed Forces; a new despicable low... even for a group that most people already believe are beneath contempt,

Perhaps we could pull some of the old submarines and other naval ships from mothballs and museums (some of the same ones the Bay City wishes to expunge from their sight and mind) and board California’s prison population and their progressive protectors and send them out to sea to pay their debt to society.

The American Armed Forces have always suffered and died by the millions in countries around the world. They dug and lived for weeks in foxholes at obscure locations that most people today couldn’t find on a map. Hundreds stormed now-serene beaches leaving their buddies and blood awash on the shores. They lived in tents fighting on deserts ablaze with an unforgiving sun, and froze in the Korean winters. Our soldiers enjoyed a nice January stint in the densely forested, frozen Ardennes Mountains region of Belgium, fighting the bloody Battle of the Bulge in which they took some 89,000 casualties, including...

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