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Samsung Essay

5322 words - 22 pages

Welcome to the Samsung Global Strategy Group

I. Samsung Overview II. Introduction to the Global Strategy Group (GSG) III. GSG & You IV. Korea & Seoul

I. Samsung Overview

I. Samsung Overview (Revenue & Global Presence)
Fast growth and vast global footprint
Samsung Group Revenue
※ Billion US Dollars

Global Operations


 

369,000 employees worldwide 510 offices and facilities in 79 countries



226 Electronics 80


22 1997 2005 2012

I. Samsung Overview (Leading Products)


I. Samsung Overview (Leading Products)


I. Samsung Overview (Brand Value)
Samsung ranked 9th among global companies in 2012


I. Samsung ...view middle of the document...

Samsung Overview (Other Electronics Companies)

Samsung Electro Mechanics
TV Parts (IP Board) Mobile Parts (Network Module)

Complementary Technologies to the Core Device and Component Businesses
Samsung SDI Pioneering Green Solutions Samsung SDS System Integration Company
Business Process Smart Data Center & Cities & Cloud Convergence Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System

Samsung Techwin Safety Solutions
Security Defense Robot OLED

Samsung Display
Flexible Display



I. Samsung Overview (Engineering & Heavy Industry)

Engineering & Heavy Industry
Samsung C&T
Burj Khalifa

Leading companies in construction & shipbuilding
Samsung Engineering
Indian Oil Co., Ltd. Refinery Project Saudi Arabia Olefin Plant

Petronas Tower

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates) (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

(Barauni, India)

(Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia)

Samsung Heavy Industries
Built world’s first drillship for Arctic Regions Leading builder of large container ships (16,000 TEU)


I. Samsung Overview (Financial Services)

Financial Services

Domestic leader in financial services with global aspirations
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Property, Casualty, Auto

Samsung Life Insurance
Life, Health, Annuity, Asset Mgmt.

Samsung Credit Card
Payment & Financial Service

Samsung Securities
Investment Banking, Brokerage


I. Samsung Overview (Strong Demand from Finance Affiliates)
Finance Affiliates need top talent to attain ambitious targets
Vision 2020 Vision 2015
Asia Top 10 Global Top 10

#1 in Korea

 Early expansion efforts include JVs and subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam

 Leverage strong balance sheet, Samsung brand, and cultural & physical proximity to become major Asia player

 Build on Asia platform to develop partnerships and acquire material positions in the US, Europe, and other mature markets


I. Samsung Overview (Talent Strategy)
Global Talent Is the Key for Samsung’s Future Growth!

New Business Model & Product Idea

Global Expansion and Talent New Business Initiatives


I. Samsung Overview (Critical to Develop Global Talent Pool)
Samsung is rapidly transforming into a true global company with 62% of the overseas employees and 86% of the total revenue

Overseas Employees
※ Unit : K

Overseas Revenue
※ Billion US Dollars

236 Total 190 162 145



179 134 107 (80%)
※ Samsung Electronics


(48%) 2008
※ Samsung Electronics

(50%) 2010

148 (83%)




I. Samsung Overview (Global Network)

※ Samsung Electronics (April, 2013)


II. Introduction to the Global Strategy Group

II. Global Strategy Group (History)
Since its inception by Chairman Lee in 1997, GSG has been recognized as a credible and highly visible strategic partner to Samsung’s top executives Mission
We need...

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