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Sample Room Plan Essay

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Planning | 1) Responsible for monitoring the workforce to achieve the on time Delivery of sample. 2) Analyze the workload.3) Make a daily plan also focus with planning department 4) Communicate with the workforce and explain to them the situation of Sampling Stage up to the Production start date. 5) plan and follow up the sample room work force trainingTarget: Sample on time delivery with good quality. | |
Control the working Time | 1) Monitor the work force to achieve the target within the workingHours.2) Negotiate to the workforce the extra working time in case of urgency situation.Target : Controlling attendance daily bases to avoid any exceed work hour (Less than 60 ...view middle of the document...

2 ) check / finalize the pieces direction and placementA) check the fabric 100% one way or one garment one wayB) If stripe or check fabric, need to conform matching requirement.C) Need to finalize the piece direction inside the marker to minimize the consumption. ( finalize which part can rotate inside the marker without effecting the stitching and appearance of the style) 3) collect the information for fabric behavior 1) Communicate with fabric inspection and check the pass records for color shading issues for similar fabric from same supplier. 2) Finalize the SMS marker requirement in costing stage.2) Check with cutting buffers and split allowances requirement for similar fabric as pass experience.4) check the fusing requirementA) cross check the fusing parts B) Which parts need to be block fuse and which parts going on manual fusing, apply block fuse accordingly.5) Trim consumption cross checkA) check the types of trims going with the style and cross check the consumption 6) shrinkage for wash styleA) Finalize the washing method with detailsB) Check the average shrinkage level of fabric (supplier) or pass records from fabric inspection.C) Finalize the amount of shrinkage need to be added accordingly fabric type and washing type from pass experience.7) percentages added for consumptionA) finalize the required amount of % need to be add in the YY accordingly fabric behavior , fabric type and embellishment apply on the garment8) Maintain the record of mini markers A) Keep the mini markers in all costing stages with consumption sheet.9) Advise the YYA) Full fill the consumption sheet and handover to merchant mean time send the mail also.B) Maintain the sighed copy of consumption sheets. 10) Revise the YYA) If big pattern changes or construction changes in sampling stage need to revise the YY, Costing YY : this is need for the garment costing (price)A) Apply require amount of buffer accordingly the graded spec.B) If costing is high need to grade the pattern and refer pass ratio.Ordering YY: to order the fabric and trims for bulk.A) finalize the ratio B) Split the pull ratio to mini ratios in accurately and practically. ( minimum number of mini markers)C) check the required amount of buffer in production markers with cutting and apply same requirement for costing markers alsoTarget: to achieve the accurate consumption (Not less, not more). The order fabric yardage needs to be complete the order quantity. 1)Create Manual marker marking and cad cam system marker marking2)Crate ratios andbase on order quantity’s | |
Participate the development meetingFollow up the fit and construction up to production.Sharing InformationPattern makingGrading and pattern check | 1) Ensure that all discussion about the construction achievable for production for the new style will be done.2) Follow the development meeting comment in sampling.3) Ensure final sample construction should be same as the construction finalized in the development meeting.3) If there...

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