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Sample Question (Taken With Full Credit To The Owner)

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Managing Customer Service
Winter - 2006

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1.|Personalizing service, using the customer's name, soliciting opinions, and giving special treatment all address what common customer need? |
A)|To be comfortable |
B)|To feel important |
C)|To feel understood |
D)|To feel appreciated |

2.|According to the text, all of the following are ways to save time while you serve, except: |
A)|Allocate enough time to handle customer issues |
B)|Observe other service providers to see how to handle tasks |
C)|Ask others to take some of your workload |
D)|Be prepared with information and materials |

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|Which of the following is not an organizational advantage of using technology? |
A)|A company can extend its presence without physically establishing a new site |
B)|Information and services can be provided on demand |
C)|Additional employees must be hired to supplement current workers and maintain the technology |
D)|Multiple customers can be served simultaneously |

10.|All of the following are strategies for dealing with an angry customer except: |
A)|Being positive |
B)|Reassuring the customer |
C)|Remaining firm |
D)|Determining the cause of the problem |

11.|All of the following are strategies for building trust except: |
A)|Displaying concern for customer issues |
B)|Being fair in dealing with all customer |
C)|Admitting errors when something goes wrong that was your fault |
D)|Waiting for the customer to take the lead in establishing the relationship |

12.|Which of the following is not an advantage of providing service over the telephone? |
A)|Convenience to the customer |
B)|Economical |
C)|Efficient |
D)|Eliminates the need for written communication |

13.|Which of the following is not a strategy for building a strong customer relationship? |
A)|Discovering the customers needs. |
B)|Saying no. |
C)|Seeking opportunities for service. |
D)|Making customers feel special. |

14.|Which of the following is not an example of Personal Factors that can lead to stress? |
A)|Relationships |
B)|Authority level |
C)|Physical condition and nutrition |
D)|Overworking |

15.|In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge coined the term _______________ to describe an organization that uses knowledge as a basis for competitive advantage. |
A)|Knowledge warehouse |
B)|Learning organization |
C)|Creative organization |
D)|Cutting edge |

16.|Which of these is not an example of a service breakdown? |
A)|A hotel room is not available when a guest arrives |
B)|A car repair is not completed as promised |
C)|A credit card requested arrives in the mail |
D)|A garment returns from the cleaners with a...

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