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This study examined the effects of games in teaching grammar, particularly in the use of the simple present tense and simple past tense as well as to gain insights on students’ and teachers’ responses towards the use of games in teaching and learning grammar items. 56 Form One students of SMK Damai Jaya, Skudai were taken as samples for the study. The subject were assigned to either experimental or control conditions. The experimental group used games to learn grammar whereas no treatment was given to the control group. Data gathered from the pre-test and posttest were analyzed descriptively. Classroom observations were used to observe students’ reaction to the games in terms of ...view middle of the document...

Traditionally, many teachers approach grammar teaching very seriously, making the lesson dull and uninteresting. Students are not motivated to learn when teachers resort to traditional methods of teaching. One way to reinforce the grammar structures of students is through the use of games. Woodward (1997) says that teachers should know that explanations and examples can be enlivened by varieties of language games. Language games deliver and stimulate an added dimension to language learning.

Statement of Problem
Students in Malaysia learn the English Language as a second language from the time they enter primary school up to tertiary level. However, many students still make grammatical errors when they speak or write in the language. Although students in Form One are assumed to have learnt the use of tenses in their primary education, teachers often find that many of them are still unable to use the correct tenses while writing and speaking in English. Many students cannot differentiate between the use of the simple present tense and the simple past tense form. As a result of not being conscious of the structure and usage of the simple present tense and the simple past tense, students make such errors in their sentences. Such errors can contribute to miscommunication. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate whether grammar games are beneficial for students to gain linguistic knowledge particularly in the use of the simple present tense and the simple past tense.

Objective of the Study
The objectives for this study are as follows:
1. to examine the effects of grammar games in the learning of grammar, particularly in the use of the simple present tense and the simple past tense.
2. to identify students’ response to the use of grammar games in terms of communication, motivation and enthusiasm.
3. to identify the ESL teachers’ reaction towards the use of grammar games to enhance the teaching of grammar.

Significance of the Study
It is undeniable that grammar plays an important role in learning English Language. Having a good command of the language means not only to master the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, but also to achieve grammatical competence. When students face problems in acquiring the language, teacher should make an attempt to make their lessons as interesting as possible and not resort to the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ method which can be dull and predominantly teacher-centred. The information and data gathered in this study could prove useful in giving insights to teachers to use grammar games in the teaching of grammar items. The information gathered could also lead to more effective and efficient teaching methods in the language classroom, particularly in teaching grammar. It is
hoped that through the use of grammar games, a more conducive environment will be created to enable both teachers and students to enjoy the lesson in a more meaningful and more...

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