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Sample Porter Paper

1973 words - 8 pages

Project Charter

Dream Construction Company
Version #1
October 18, 2013

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Strategic Business Alignment
Specific Strategic Initiatives ................................................
Project Stakeholders.............................................................
III. Project Definition
Objectives ............................................................................
Scope/Major ...view middle of the document...

This charter lays the foundation of the project. The project will begin on January 1st, 2014 and the completion deadline is on December 30th, 2016. The scope of the project is that the Dream Construction Company will design and construct the building based on the detailed requirements of the clients. The project team includes Project Manager, Construction Manager, Design Manager, Field Engineers, etc. to complete this project. Additionally, some assumptions and constraints are listed in order to help clients have a brief overview of the project. Based on the requirements, materials of medium quality will be used to suit clients’ budget of $18,000,000. Besides, this project charter also estimates the milestone schedule of the project integrating two key elements: deliverables and timeframe in the purpose of achieving the objectives. Moreover, this charter identifies some risks relating to scope, equipment, and time scale since major risks can influence greatly on the performance of project team. Since it is vital to get information from various stakeholders to let the project be on the right track, different types of communication will be used.
II. Strategic Business Alignment
Antioch University, City University of Seattle and the Art institute of Seattle are the clients and sponsors for this project.
III. Project Definition
The purpose of the project is built a 50 units and 6 floors dormitory for three schools, which are City University of Seattle, Antioch University and Art Institution of Seattle. The dormitory is located in downtown Seattle, nearby Space Needle. The construction project’s aim is to build a high quality dormitory to meet the needs of increasing number of international students. The budget is approximately $18 million over 2 years. By then, the 20% of return is expected from this project.
- To build a high quality dormitory with 50-unit and 6-floor (20 studios and 30 two bedrooms) located in Downtown Seattle, WA for International students by January 2016.

- To build a safety dormitory with high efficient raw materials and provide necessary facilities.

- To maintain the investors’ budget efficiently by reducing the soft cost and complete the project on time.

- To prevent any delayed work deliveries, the company hires only skilled and licensed workers and also focuses on work field’s safety.

The project scope is to design and construct a 6-floor with 50-unit dormitory building located in Downtown Seattle. The estimated cost by the contractor is approximately $18 million. The project is scheduled to be completed within 2 years and is designed to include basic-living and necessary facilities. However, since the target residents are International students, the required level of quality of materials is medium.

Major Deliverables

The major deliverables of the dormitory project will be provided as described below:


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