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Sample Paper

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1. What does a Porter's Five Forces analysis reveal about the industry in which Dunkin' Donuts and Starbuck's compete? What are the strategic implications for Dunkin' Donuts?

The Porter’s analysis reveals that Dunkin Donuts and Starbuck’s are direct competitors in the store front coffee shops. They are in a board market scope as of right now no other new entrant’s coffee shops are in the business of making their own coffee. They both have unique suppliers because no other company makes products like Starbucks’s and Dunkin Donuts. Both have a customer base for some people will want either Starbuck’s or either Dunkin Donuts coffee. The Substitutes are coffee customers can buy inside of a ...view middle of the document...

They would not assume all of the risk involved if the business did not perform well. If they form partnership with many companies then their business would grow with other companies they are partnered.

3. Do you see evidence of strategic leadership in Dunkin' Donuts US expansion plans? Explain why or why not.

There is plenty of strategic leadership in Dunkin Donuts US expansion plans. Why? One of the main reason is the company has a wide range of Donuts and original Dunkin donuts coffee. There must have been part of the leader’s strategy to develop the wide assortment of sandwiches severd on artisan such as foccia, croissant, ciabatta, and bagels. The menus are becoming larger to reach more customers in more places. The leader understood that they must get as much as their market share as possible to outperformance its competitors.

4. Construct a SWOT analysis for Dunkin' Donuts. You will have to do some research to identify industry threats and opportunities. You may also find outside information about Dunkin' Donuts to be helpful. Cite your references.

They have a lot of strengths and should use it to their advantage. Some of their strengths are they have been in business longer than Starbuck’s. Dunkin Donuts was opened in 1950 and is currently operating in countries around the world. They are the only coffee make who use coffee beans for...

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