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Marketing plan
*The customers of Costume House
Costume house provides costumes to a different range of age groups from infants, to teenagers, to adults, even different social groups to include friends grouping costumes or family or even couples, to cover pregnant ladies' segment as well.
*Methods to attract visitors to the website
One important aspect in the success of any business who conducts business solely online is traffic. Clearly if the website isn't getting any traffic it wont generate any sales regardless of the effort made. Doing so by;
- Testing the site with limited traffic to generate more traffic.
- Get free traffic from engines like google by getting a competitive ...view middle of the document...

-Banners design that are in direct eye level with the visitor- shows and describes as much as we could about the products.
-Attempting to video promote- youtube videos are best way in this section to spread the awareness of the company's existance and thier products.
-Google Ads - directs ads and banners directly to compititors' website if they have Google ad sense installed.
-Go on twitter- amazing how people say nice things about you once they feel connected and that we are exposed to them
- Instagram- since we provide products it is extremely convenient for the customer to scroll up and down pictures to have the easiets closest experience to a catalog. thus we take great deal in taking care of instagram profile by keeping it updated.

*Marketing plan for small businesses such as ours is best planned annually ;Things change, people leave, markets evolve, customers come and go.

-Situation Analysis
Costume House provides costumes and themed party supplies locally through phone and E-orders and to be dilevered via mail services or personally. with the advantage of the limited number of costume supply locally Costume house can benifit from being one of the few suppliers up until new intrants join and follow, also the challange of dilevery services may vary to be the leading choice determenant of a purchase decision.
-Target Audience
Costume House...

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