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Sample Examination Essay

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CULTURE SHOCK Selection Antropologist have coined the term “cultures shock” to describe the effect that immersion in the strange culture 1____ 1.) Options 1. has upon the visitor who is unprepared 2. is having on the unprepared visitor 3. has on the unprepared visitor 4. has in the unprepared visitor 5. have on the unprepared visitor 1. is replaced by new ones 2. were replaced by new ones 3. are being replaced with new ones 4. replaced by new ones 5. to be replaced by new ones 1. have the comforting knowledge 2. have the comfortable knowledge 3. have the knowledge that is comforting 4. are comforted through the knowledge 5. find knowledge comforting 1. returning to them 2. to return back to ...view middle of the document...

with no hope to retreat 5. from having any hope of retreat 1. their values are incessantly changed 2. its values are changed incessantly 3. the values it has are not changed incessantly 4. its values are incessant changes 5. its values are incessantly changing

then cut him off ____9____ to a more familiar social landscape, and the dislocation he suffers is double sever.


Moreover, if this new culture is itself in constant turmoil, and if worse yet ____10____ the sense of orientation will still be further intensified


MASS COMMUNICATION MEDIUM Selection A mass communication medium like television, For example, ____1____ a country fragmented By tribal. 1.) Options 1. can be use to help in the unification 2. is of use for helping to unity 3. can be used for helping in unifying 4. can be used to help unify 5. has for its use to help unify 1. that inform the people 2. that gave information to the people 3. which purpose is to inform the people 4. that supply the people with information 5. which aims to inform the people 1. busily at work 2. of work in the country 3. at work in the country 4. which are at work in the country 5. that help work in the country 1. the language standardization of the

loyalties, customs, culture or simple geographic barriers, Programs ____2____ about national purposes and


national problems might help unite the people and put damper on the divisive forces ____3____


A national mass communication television network also can help ____4____. On the other


hand modes of

country 2. standardizing the language of the country 3. the country’s standardization of language 4. in standardizing the language in the country 5. standardize language in the country 5.) 1. can balance neatly out 2. neatly balances out 3. neatly balance out 4. is neatly balancing out 5. serve to neatly balance out 1. could still retained 2. is able to retain still 3. has the ability to retain 4. is still retaining 5. can still retain 1. will not evolve exactly as They 2. will not evolve exactly like they 3. are not to evolve exactly as they 4. do not evolve as they exactly 5. have not evolve exactly as they 1. should make with ability 2. will have the ability to make 3. will be in certain position to make 4. can be able to make 5. will be able to make 1. are facing up a unique opportunity 2. face a unique opportunity 3. have to face a unique opportunity 4. face a more unique opportunity 5. still face a most unique opportunity 1. might be able to develop 2. might develop 3. can, with ability 4. might be in a position to develop

personal communication ____5____ the means

of people, each person talking on the telephone _____6____ his individual traits and identify, the the things that make him unique as a person.


in developing countries, establishing such balance should be an important consideration. If we can be sure of one thing, it is that communications in the new nations ____7____ did in...

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