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Sample Contents Of A Completed Feasibility Study

1152 words - 5 pages

Sample contents of a completed Feasibility Study

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Executive Summary
This is the summarised version of the feasibility study. It must adequately cover the major points of the feasibility study on one or two pages.

4. Introduction
- Justification
- Study objective
- Scope of study

5. Product/Service Description
Describe your product/service here

6. The Promoter
- Name
- Address
- Telephone number/Email address
- Qualifications
- Work history and background in brief
- Status of promoter – whether company, or individual
- More detailed information on qualifications and career history can be included in the appendices.

7. ...view middle of the document...

affect your product?
• How do customers view warranties and packaging of the products? What is the price structure on your product?
• How has the price changed in the last year? Last five years?
• What determines price on your product – quality, size, demand, tourist trade?
• What promotional methods are most effective in reaching your target customers?
• What is your conclusion about your expected market share?
• Are there any legal, environmental or economic factors, which may impact on the business?

8. Competition Analysis
• Who are your major competitors?
• What are the major strengths of each?
• What are the major weaknesses of each?
• What are their production capabilities?
• Are you familiar with the following factors concerning your competitors:
• Price structure?
• Product lines (quality, breadth, width)?
• Location?
• Promotional activities?
• Sources of supply?
• Image from a consumer’s viewpoint?
• Do you know of any new competitors?
• Do you know of any competitor’s plans for expansion?
• Have any firms of your type gone out of business lately?
• If so, why?
• Do you know the sales and market share of each competitor?
• Do you know whether the sales and market share of each competitor are increasing, decreasing, or stable?
• Do you know the profit levels of each competitor?
• Are your competitors’ profits increasing, decreasing, or stable?

• Can you compete with your competition?

9. Marketing Strategy
Note: Depending on the outcome of the feasibility study your business plan will include a detailed marketing strategy. For the feasibility study a briefer outline of your strategy will suffice.
• How will the market be accessed? What distribution methods will you use?
• What is the competitive advantage of your product or the benefits of your product in relation to the competition?
• What will attract customers to your product?
• How is your product differentiated from the competition?
• What pricing methods will you probably use?
• What promotional methods will you use (i.e tradeshows, advertising, etc.)?
• Outline any commitments you have received from customers already.
• Outline export potential if any.

10. Technical or Production Analysis
This portion should be based on verifiable data and contain sufficient information and analysis so that a determination may be made on the technical feasibility of achieving the levels of income or production that are projected in the financial statements. Depending on your particular business idea it may include the following considerations:
• Determine the suitability of the production site including site environmental impact analysis (provided by architect, engineer or...

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