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Sample Apa Paper

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The Abstract is a summary of the paper, not an intro. The reader should be able to read the Abstract and get a good idea of what the paper is about and the conclusion you drew. It is written in block form without the first line indented and should be 150 or less in length. The entire paper should be in Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced with no extra spaces between sections, headers and text, paragraphs, etc. Go to the Home tab of Word and click on Paragraph. Under Paragraph, choose 0 under the Spacing section. Choose Double Space under Line Spacing and First Line under Special. Again, the first line ...view middle of the document...

Direct quotes must have quotation marks around them or, if the quote is 40 or more words, be indented without quotation marks. The quote must also have a proper APA style citation following it. Long quotes are done line this:
Xxxx yyyy zzzz aaaa bbbb qqqq ffff ssss llll gggg, tttt, yyyy and llll. Rrrr hhhh jjjj wwww nnnn dddd mmmm bbbb. Xxxx yyyy zzzz aaaa bbbb qqqq ffff ssss llll gggg, tttt, yyyy and llll. Rrrr hhhh jjjj wwww nnnn dddd mmmm bbbb. Xxxx yyyy zzzz aaaa bbbb qqqq ffff ssss llll gggg and llll. Rrrr hhhh ww nnnn dddd mmmm bbbb. (Moore, 2011)
Notice the period goes before the citation on a block quote. Normally, the period goes after the citation, like this (Moore, 2011).
Please avoid long paragraphs. They are too difficult to follow and it is better to have multiple short paragraphs of three or more sentences, than one long paragraph that extends for a couple pages. Whenever there is a new idea, make a new paragraph.
Level 1 Heading Again
Level 1 does not mean Section one. You can have multiple level 1 headings as they are used to head main topics. Level 2 headings are for sub-topics under level on heading and level 3 headings are sub-sub-topics. You could have multiple level one, multiple level 2 and multiple level 3 headings.
Level 2 Heading
Notice the level headings are bold. Nothing else needs to be in bold in the paper. Just stick with Times New Roman 12 font. Remember, level 2 heading are for a subsection of level 1.
Level 2 Heading
Use as many level 2 heading s you need for subsections.
Level 3 heading. Notice the level 3 heading is bolded, uses lower case for all but the first word, and is at the beginning of a paragraph, not on the line before the paragraph begins. You can use as many level 3 headings as you need. Don’t use one for every paragraph, but for shifts in the topic that don’t quite reach the level of being a complete new subsection.
Level 1 Heading
You may jump back to using a level 1 heading after finishing a section that has been broken into as many...

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