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Same Sex Marriages Essay

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It was considered a taboo to open the subject homosexuality a hundred years agoor maybe less. Nowadays homosexuals are demanding that they get the right to marryand they were able to get it in few counties. How can someone allow such a thing? Aren'twe born in two different genders in order to have relationships with the opposite genderand now the same one? If we were meant to marry from the same sex then perhaps godshould have created us a one sexed species like snails. Some countries are starting tolegalize same sex marriages, the married couple are starting to have all the rights thatapply on normal married couple such as laws for divorce and shared possessions andhealth plans and even ...view middle of the document...

Some people may argue that theincrease of divorce cases and single parents raising a child is the real threat to marriagewhile same sex marriage might good to marriage because it is based on love.It is totally agreed that divorce and raising a child by one parent is very bad for marriage,but that is normal and has been found since the beginning of mankind. But the marriagebetween the same sex is abnormal it is something new and seen as an unusual thing. Itdoesn't help marriage on the contrary it destroys it. Marriage is about love and family.Family can't exist in the marriage of homosexuals, they can adopt a child but that wouldbe just sick for a child to grow up with two daddies or two mommies and that argumentwill be discussed later.Homosexuality is against the law in most of the world and more than that itis against religion. In most of the world and especially the eastern world homosexuality issomething against the law especially if it came to the marriage of the couples. Accordingto religion homosexuality is considered a sin. Conservative Christians demand thathomosexuals should not exist at all; in Islam there is a story in the Koran that says thatonce there was a nation that all the people in it where gay and god destroyed them all.Pope John Paul II said that same-sex unions as "degrading" marriage (National CatholicReport, Nov 18 2005, page 20) by all these we see that religion considers homosexualityas something very bad and god doesn't approve on it. This means that homosexuals can'tbe married normally they will never be married in the eyes of god. But homosexuals ortheir supporters may say that god is the one that gave us the ability to love someone fromthe same sex it is he who could have created us like animals with instincts so we won'thave the ability to choose between the sexes. Some may also say that homosexuals canhave civil unions instead of a religious marriage and this is taking place in some parts ofthe world like England and other countries. Yes civil marriage might be a way out ofreligion but it will not solve the problem because being homosexual is considered a bigsin in all religions (basically the 3 major ones).The last but most important argument is gay couple adopting children. Howwould a child feel if he had two mommies or two daddies? What would these childrenanswer if they were asked what do...

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