Same Sex Marriage And The Civil Rights Movement

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“Same-Sex Marriage and the Civil Rights Movement”
Shelby Atkinson
April 27, 2015
Vanessa D. Hayden

“Same-Sex Marriage and the Civil Rights Movement”

Is the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the fight for same-sex marriage the same? African Americans fought discrimination and unfair treatment, segregation and hate for being who they were. Same-sex couples are doing the same thing, now in fighting for equality, rights, and liberties that America owes them all. Same-sex couples may not have been enslaved, but doesn’t that mean same-sex couples don't feel hurt all the same by not being allowed to be with someone they love or in danger because of it. Just because they ...view middle of the document...

Like the Civil Rights Movement marriage equality will provide access to family health coverage and protection benefits against discrimination.

Marriage equality will reduce discrimination against homosexuals like the Civil Rights Movement did for African Americans in the 1960’s and after. After the Civil Rights Movement, there was no longer to be a second class of citizens. Denying same-sex couples the choice to marry is not only discriminatory, but creates a second class of citizens. African Americans and whites were once separated from each other, now heterosexual couples and same-sex couples are separated. Crimes committed under discrimination will be greatly reduced, there will be no more Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Harvey Milk cases. Both activists were assassinated for standing up for something they believed should be legalized. There may not be “Straight Only” or “Gay Only” specified buildings, seats, or facilities or the KKK, but there are still hate crimes committed. When African Americans were mistreated they were hung, beat, and hosed down, now some of the similar attacks are happening to homosexuals. Hate crime legislation is necessary to help improve the future of our country.

Marriage equality will make a better future for our country. Families will be formed, not destroyed. Like in the time of slavery, not approving marriage equality not only inhibits family formation, but makes stable and secure family life difficult, if not impossible. There were 6,441 interracial adoptions total in the United States (Intercountry Adoption, 2015). There were 101,840 children in the foster care system waiting for adoption in 2013 and the number keeps decreasing from year to year, but not by much (Children’s Bureau, 2014). If marriage...

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