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Same Sex Adoption Essay

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Same Sex Adoption- An Ethical Dilemma

The topic of homosexual equality is a very controversial one for many people; from legalizing gay marriage to inequality in the workplace. Homosexual adoption is another issue that is overlooked by many. The view of a happy and healthy family in the United States has always been looked at as a traditional mother, father, 2.5 kids a dog and a goldfish and that the child’s wellbeing is determined by having a good, strong mother and a father to teach and guide their children to be the best they can be. However, what about the opposite? Many same-sex couples are ready and willing ...view middle of the document...

The most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption; which is permitted in 20 states. Step-parent adoption is the legal adoption of a child by the spouse of the child's birth or previous adoptive parent (Family Equality, 2014). Many people are brought up with the views that homosexuality in a choice and that one cannot be born with the “gay gene”. It is feared that children who grow up in a home that houses homosexuals that they will grow up to be homosexuals themselves. However, there is no evidence to back up those kinds of allegations. Many studies have been done, and none have found children with gay parent at an advantage of being gay themselves. With that information, it is clear that many states in the nation are becoming more accepting and permitting same-sex couples to be able to join each other in holy matrimony, but fewer states are permitting these same couples from adopting children and starting families of their own. Same-sex marriage and being permitted to adopt should go hand and hand. Giving these couples the right to have children and have their own families is a step to more equality for all.
Research on same-sex adoption is few and far between. According to The Gay Law Report, in 2011 and 2012 public support for gay adoption was 53% of the total population with 39% of the population opposing gay adoption and 8% still being unsure of their views. In addition, the 2000 census reported 65,000 children lived with same-sex couples whereas in the 2012 census 110,000 children lived with same-sex couples, this is an increase of over 100% (Gay Adoption Statisitics, 2012). However, of the total number of children in households across the United States, less than 1% live with same-sex couples. With this information children living with same-sex couples is still viewed at as a minorities. Some statistics compiled from data taken from the 2010 census shows that households in the United States with children there are 22,872,151 living with a married opposite sex couple, 2,267,016 live with unmarried opposite sex couples and only 94,627 live with same-sex couples. Out of the 22,872,151 living with married, opposite sex couples 90.80% are biological only, and 4.40% are step or adopted only. A combination of the two is 4.80%. Those children living with same-sex couples 72.80% are biological and 21.20% are step or adopted (US Census, 2010). Although this percentage is low, it still shows the want and desire same-sex couples have of adopting children more than opposite-sex couples.
Children who grow up in a same-sex household are prone to be more sympathetic and understanding to those who have differences or different ways of life and are more likely to believe inequality for all than those children who are raised in a traditional household. In today’s society it is common to see a single parent struggling to provide for their children and can be stretched to the limit causing not only stress on them, but stress on the children...

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