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Sales Plan Essay

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Incentives and Compensation
In order for a sales force to be successful there needs to be incentives and bonus. A bonus from the textbook is a payment made at the discretion of management for achieving or surpassing a certain level of performance. The incentive will work as follows: one if you sell a warranty on a cell phone the salesperson receives an extra five dollars on their check. Another incentive for the salespeople is a $200 dollar bonus for going over their quota by 100 cell contracts or cell phone. The incentives for the sales team are below. Also a superstar employee can be promoted from within, Sales Supervisor, Manager and store Manager. The employee will receive health ...view middle of the document...

Here are some common tips to motivate your sales force. They are the follow: 1) create a clear sales plan, 2) provide ample sales training 3) set achievable goals 4) empower your sales team 5) establish a solid base salary in addition to their commissions and bonuses, 6) provide positive feedback and recognition 7) celebrate the successes, 8) communicate frequently with your team and have an open door policy 9) involve your sales team with setting quotas, sales plans, sales goals, 10) set challenging goals, 11) motivate with significant bonuses, 12) established sales contests or sales games, 13) provide sophisticated sales tools, from the best CRM, to marketing support, to internal support, 14) Spend time helping out on sales calls, 15) grant sales’ awards, such as sales person of the month or sales person of the year adjust compensation plans to increase motivation hire motivational speakers

Organizational Variables on Motivation
The organization variables can be defined by eight different assets which are the following; closeness of supervisors, span of control, influence over standard, frequency of communication, opportunity rate, compensation rate, earning opportunity ratio. The ratio of the total financial compensation of the highest-paid salesperson to that of the average of sales force is the earnings ratio. The higher this ratio is within a company, the higher the average salesperson valence for pay is likely to be.
.Total Final Compensation...

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