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Sales Compensation Plan And Salesforce Training

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Sales Compensation Plan
No matter which industry you are preforming, “Sales” is the word and also the soul of every business. Sales represent the profit and the level of success of a company, Sales is what every company non stop seeking for. With higher sales, the profit, earn with a company will be higher. So, how to make your sales become higher?
There are many things and effort to do to increase your sales. All the departments in a company must fully commit together to achieve the mission, vision and objective of the company, well, and also every department must have a good leader. But then again, the task of getting higher sales and profit must hand over to the marketing and ...view middle of the document...

Sales Quota | In RM | Commission Rate(above sales quota) |
Sales per month (per person) | Rm1,500 | 30% of the total sales |
Sales per month (6 person) | Rm 6,000 | 10% of the total sales |
Sales per year (per person) | RM12,000 | |
Sales per year (6 person) | RM72,000 | |
Total annual sales of 6 person | Rm72,000 | 5% of the total annual sales |
Table 1

Table 1 shows the sales quota per month and per annual for 1 person and a team (6 person). 30% commission will be given to the person if he/she achived the sales quota of Rm1,500 per month. If the team (6 person) hit the sales quota of minimum Rm6,000 , 10% commission will be given to the team(6 person). The sales quota for annual sales is Rm72,000, and if the team achieve the sales quota of Rm72,000, another 5% of the total annual sales will be awarded.

Salesforce Training Program
A company sales force is the one who constitutes the public face of the business. Sales representatives are the primary point of contact between the company and its customers. The performance of sales representatives can determine the success or failure of a business. For these reasons, considerable time and resources should be allocated to developing a quality sales force...

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