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Sale Soft Case Study Analysis

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Case Study – SaleSoft

Section C – Group 11

Consumer Behaviour Section - C Group – 11
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PGP 2011-13

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Section C – Group 11

SaleSoft, Inc. is a 2 year old company in the Software Automation industry. It was founded by Gregory Miller in 1993, who is the CEO. The company currently markets a product called PROCEED which is a Comprehensive Sales Automation System (CSAS). It integrates and automates various functions across the organization which ...view middle of the document...

Seeing that the needs of the majority will be satisfied by PROCEED and not TH, it will be prudent on for SaleSoft to continue developing PROCEED and keep TH on the backburner for the time being. SALESOFT, INC. (A) Salesoft’s mission is to become a leader in Comprehensive Sales Automation Systems of sales automation software industry. Greg Mille, the president and CEO of SaleSoft, convinced by his experience in automatic manufacturing environments sensed a tremendous opportunity for a solution that integrated a firm’s sales, marketing and service function. To accomplish their objective, SaleSoft launched a product named PROCEED SMRP (Sales and Marketing Resource Planning). PROCEED is a Salesoft’s CSAS system to help customers to drive out inefficiencies in their sales, marketing and service cycles and help them reduce their SG&A costs. SA industry which is of USD 1 billion is expected to grow by 40% in coming years, so SaleSoft wants to project PROCEED as a tool that allow customers to automate their entire marketing, sales and customer service operations. PROCEED was developed to run on Microsoft Windows, which has become an industry standard operating system shortening the learning time. SaleSoft also added features to PROCEED by integrating it with common E-mail, word processing, fax, spreadsheet and presentation software. PROCEED also got advanced technologies which allowed sales persons to use the complete functionality of the system without getting detached from the host system. Buying Cycle of PROCCED: Implementing PROCEED usually takes around 21-30 months. A typical customer buying cycle involves several steps. Firstly, the senior management (the main people who are involved in buying CSAS) has to realize the need for CSAS solution. Secondly, the firm has to evaluate which processes to automate first. This takes around 3-4 months on an average. Thirdly, the customer has to decide how the different functions to be automated are related and this process takes around 2-3 months to complete. Next, the customers decide on which vendor to choose, in this case SaleSoft, and this research takes another six to eight months. After selecting the vendor the CSAS is customized to meet the customer’s needs and is tested. It takes three to five months to implement this step. PGP 2011-13 Page 2

Case Study – SaleSoft

Section C – Group 11

Finally, after receiving the feedback from the customers the CSAS solution is modified and this modification process takes around 4-6 months to complete. The CEO, CFO, VP sales, VP Marketing and the Sales reps are the main people responsible in buying CSAS solution. Consultants specialize in implementing SA in one or a few vertical industry markets and usually help the firms in evaluating which processes to automate, how the functions in various processes to automate are related and which vendors to choose. Currently, SaleSoft does not have any partnerships with consultants. Hence, consultants do not have any role to...

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