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Safety Submission Essay

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6.0 Se Factor 6 - Safety Program
XXXXX Safety Program is described in this section as required by the RFP. Copies of any documents not included with this proposal as an Attachment, Appendix or Exhibit will be provided immediately upon request.

6.1 Required Safety Forms and Data and Experience Modification Rate (EMR):
XXXXX’ and its significant subcontractors’ Safety Forms and Data are included in this section as required by the RFP.

6.1.1 XXXXX Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

(Insert Form Here)

6.1.2 OSHA Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Reports

(Insert Form Here)

6.1.3 OSHA Total Recordable Cases Incidence Rate (TCIR)

(Insert Form Here)
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1030 Blood Borne Pathogens

6.3.1 Actions to Address Past Safety Issues
During the transition period for a new Facilities Services contract, XXXXX’ Director of Safety and the new Site Safety Manager worked together to perform a site-wide audit.  Several areas of concern were noted, including the poor maintenance condition of fleet vehicles, a majority of fire extinguishers out of compliance, the lack of HAZCOM labeling on secondary containers, the lack of documentation for safety training, and inconsistent use of Personal Protective Equipment among the incumbent staff.  These audit findings were ranked in importance of their impact on site safety and their potential for injury to personnel or damage to government property.  The Director of Safety and the Safety Manager then spent many hours, including weekends, correcting the highest areas of exposure and mitigating risk in every identified category.  Both the safety exposure and safety culture were dramatically corrected within a few months.  

6.3.2 Safety Performance Monitoring
Worksite and workplace inspection is the primary tool XXXXXuses to ensure the safety of all its employees, customers and visitors.

Team members visually inspect their worksites daily, and elevate any observed and irresolvable situations to their supervisors. Equipment or work areas are placed off-limits (locked-out/tagged-out if necessary) until corrective action can be taken to rectify observed unsafe conditions. Good housekeeping techniques, such as reducing clutter, putting away tools and equipment when not in use and removing trip hazards when observed, are key day-to-day practices.

Team leads and supervisors conduct daily inspections of their worksites and the locations for which they are responsible. Information from these inspections is elevated to the Safety Management Team for monitoring and review during subsequent daily, weekly and monthly inspections.

XXXXXSafety personnel develop a customized Kings Bay site safety inspection template for all locations and facilities included within the contract. XXXXXpersonnel enter detailed facility, structure and worksite safety information into these templates.

Locations for each safety inspection are provided with as much detail as available and can include: buildings, floors, rooms, fixtures, equipment, and address. Maps and other details (such fire extinguisher, emergency exit, and eyewash locations)are included on these scheduled inspection forms.

6.3.3 Additional Components of XXXXXSafety Program and Procedures
PRIDE's formal, written safety program is its Health and Safety; Illness and Injury Prevention Program. This program requires the involvement and training of all employees as it includes policies and procedures that outline safety responsibilities from front-line employees through upper management. It is written to comply with OSHA regulations and it exceeds that Agency's mandated requirements. The basic structure of this safety...

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